So i had been planning to catch up with sarah and caleb to see their little boy tanner for a while. So i thought what better than a beautiful sunday morning in perth to catch up with them. So numerous phone calls were made back and forth and before too long we were about to walk into the rose and crown in guildford.

Now i have been here numerous times and the main reason i chose this place was it has a beautiful maintained garden. So the maitre’d showed us to our table which was under a umbrella which was great as the sun was starting to peek through.

Then the waitress came nearly straight away to take our coffee orders (this is a good sign as while i am at breakfast i like to peruse the menu while sipping on a coffee) So I ordered a cappucino and not too long after ordering, the coffee arrived.

Now the coffee i thought was quite nice. I thought the coffee beans tasted like a generic blend, however the temperature was perfect. Also i am not too sure what kind of milk they used, but it lacked the creaminess of some of the ‘a’ grade of coffee shops in perth. 7/10

Then i got to see the menu, the menu is really delicious at the rose and crown, i also like the fact thta they dont have 20 different items on the menu. They only have 7 items which the option to add a side of extras.

I had decided what i was going to order, the poached eggs on toast with a side of bacon. Then the waitress came to take out orders. When she pulled out the PDA to enter the orders she mentioned that it was her first day so if we could be patient that would be fantastic. However if she didnt say anything i wouldnt have noticed that it was her first day, she did a fantastic job!

So after taking all of our orders she returned shortly, she forgot to ask how i would like my poached eggs cooked (i asked for them very soft). This was a good sign that the staff were attentive and they didnt just ‘guess’ how i liked my eggs.

Then when the meal came it was delicious, the bread was a sourdough item that was large enough to rest the two poached eggs on it and the bacon was quite a few whole loin rashers which were oven baked until they are juicy. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly and the bread perfectly matched the eggs. Sometimes when you get poached eggs on toast the bread seems to disintegrate as soon as the yolk hits it. 9/10

Overall it was a wonderful breakfast with fantastic company and i would definately go back there again.

Rose & Crown Hotel
 (08) 9347 8100
Swan Valley
105 Swan St Guildford
Guildford, 6055

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