From spending most of my life living in the swan valley I have noticed that in the past 5 or 6 years there have been a huge influx of breweries that have opened in the area. This has caused a huge difference in the type of clientele that attends the spring in the valley event. Previously it was the sort of crowd that are interested in the difference between a wooded and unwooded chardonnay. Now the sorts of crowd that attend spring in the valley are very much a livelier festival type crowd.

So I was invited to attend Mash brewery in the swan valley. When I went there it was a gorgeous Saturday lunchtime and it was quite a busy venue. As I entered the first thing that I noticed was the huge tanks that dominate the right hand side of the room. Also from the smell you can definitely tell you are in a brewery as I could smell the beer a lot more than the food.

Another thing that I noticed is that the restaurant had a great family atmosphere, there were quite a few kids and prams around and to the right of us they had a couple of LCD screens with video games to keep the kids entertained while the parents are enjoying a yummy lunch.

So I sat down and we were greeted to very friendly service and a number of beers came out to us. The beer that arrived at my table was the west coast wheat beer.  I am a huge fan of unfiltered beers; I find that the filtration process removes a lot of maturity from beer. On this beer I tasted a lot of vanilla, however I also tasted a slight metallic taste and it wasn’t matured as much as other wheat beers I have tasted.  7/10

Then the entrees came out. We ordered a bowl of chips which came in a tin bucket and some buffalo wings. The chips were fantastic! They were crispy and fluffy on the inside, some of the best chips that I have had. My only criticism (which is a small one) is that I didn’t love the ‘curry mayonnaise’ that accompanied it as it literally tasted like the chef had added keens curry powder to mayonnaise. $8 9/10.

The other entrée that we ordered was the Buffalo wings. These are chicken wings that have been deep fried and then coated in a house made barbeque sauce. These were served with a ranch dip and they were fantastic! They were crispy and the barbeque coating made you want more. The serving size was huge as well; there were enough wings there for 4 people to have as an entrée between them. If I was making them I would just do it differently by adding some Sriracha to the mix as they didn’t have any spice at all. But overall the lack of spice didn’t take away from the disha huge amount. $19 9/10.

After our plates were cleared away our mains arrived. I was very impressed with the look of my choice when it arrived. I ordered a Lamb Roulade which was served with lentils, roasted beetroot and truffle oil. The lamb was cooked perfectly, it was a shoulder that was slow roasted and then wrapped in pastry and then cooked a second time at a higher temperature and had the right amount of seasoning and the texture was beautiful. Accompanying the lamb was some roasted beetroot that was simply roasted and delicious. Then the dish sat on a bed of lentils, now I didn’t enjoy the lentils at all because they had a lemon butter mixed through it and with the richness of the lamb and the beetroot, the addition of another rich item in the butter made the lentils pretty much inedible. If I was to change the dish in any way would not include the butter and add a little vincotto instead. It was such a letdown when the rest of the plate was fantastic. 6/10 $29.

Sarah ordered an item off the specials menu which was the Parmesan crumbed chicken tenderloins. She said that they were delicious and she liked the fact they were still quite juicy. $14

Caleb ordered the Pepper roasted duck breast. He mentioned that he really enjoyed the salad but he found the duck to be slightly overcooked but still nice. $32

I think that I would definitely go back to mash brewery again, however I think that next time I will give the main meals a miss and order a few more of the bar snacks and have a few more beers.

Mash Brewery
10250 West Swan Rd
Henley Brook
(08) 9296 5588

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