One of the advantages of working in the city is that when it comes to lunch I have so much choice. This is sometimes a curse as I can wander around for nearly my whole lunch break looking for somewhere to go to.
So the other day I was at work and it was about 9:30 when my mind started thinking about food and what to have for dinner, almost at the same time I got an email from my food obsessed colleague Liana. After some small chit chat she asked if we would like to go and get some lunch, I was indecisive on what I wanted but liana knew exactly what she wanted.


One of the best ways to get a chilli fix is through a steaming bowl of ramen. I knew exactly where to get a great bowl, so it came to 12:00 and we started the walk from the city to Roe street to what I consider to be the best Ramen in Perth.

Arigataya has been open for about 18 months and has a very homely feel inside. You definitely feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant by the block of wood with kanji characters hanging up and the water dispenser (which is very high tech as it dispenses ice AND water at the same time!). So the waitress came and took our order and was really friendly. The staffs are fantastic here. Both Liana and I knew what we wanted immediately.

So after taking our order the bowls arrived about 10 minutes later. I had ordered the special ramen with shoyu (soy) broth. When you order your ramen you are given the choice between shoyu and shio (salt) flavoured broths. My special ramen had two slices of roast pork, a piece of seaweed, some shredded leeks, some rapeseed leaf, bamboo shoots and of course the ramen noodles. One of the differences in a bowl of ramen to other noodle soups is that with ramen the noodles are made fresh every day and never frozen. This comes across when you eat it as the noodles are far chewier than other types. The broth is also fantastic here, as are the little chunks of bamboo and the roast pork. What keeps me coming back to this bowl however is the onsen tamago, this is basically a hardboiled egg, however it’s cooked over a very low heat so the yolk is still very runny. This combined with just a little bit of the salty broth to season the egg results in something that is so good it almost causes me to black out. Fantastic! $15 9/10

So liana ordered the gyoza ramen with shoyu broth too. When we got back to work liana wasn’t so verbose with her review of the ramen (that is not to say she didn’t love it as much as I did). These were her exact words when prompted for a review “The gyoza keeps the crispiness when in the broth and taste very fresh and delicious and the ramen noodles are wicked sticks”. $15 7.5/10

After we demolished our bowls the waitress came and cleared the table and I mentioned how much I enjoyed it (I excluded the blackout part) and she seemed to genuinely accept the compliment. Arigataya is somewhere that I will go back to, they have eel on the menu so I have to go back to try that!

(08) 9227 7901
62 Roe Street
Northbridge, 6003

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