Normally choosing a meal with our family is a very problematic event where everyone wants something different. The only time that this doesn’t apply is on mother’s day, father’s day and birthdays where the other family members be quiet and let the special person choose their location.

So being mother’s day it was up to my mum to decide where to go, pretty much straight away she chose the Subiaco Hotel a place that she has been to many times before. The Subiaco hotel is one of those places that has been there forever and is a Perth institution. Sarah has been multiple times and she has said every time that I would love it. So I had quite high expectations of this restaurant and I was wondering if they would be met.

Walking in on a brisk Sunday night we were instantly warmed up once we felt the warm atmosphere inside the restaurant. Everyone is drinking and laughing and enjoying life, it’s a vast contrast to some restaurants where people just sit down indifferently to their food. The interior is another thing that I have to talk about, it looks fantastic with Perspex light features hanging from the roof, and then there is a little smoker’s room at the back with ivy that reaches all the way from the floor to the roof. It’s benevolent without feeling stuffy.

Once we were handed the menu by the very attentive staff I knew that I was in for a good meal. The menu features a lot of menu options with only 4 or 5 ingredients but all those ingredients are great quality and combined in really interesting ways. There were so many things that sounded delicious! However browsing through the menu one thing caught my eye.

So we ordered an entrée of garlic bread to share. Now I had garlic bread the previous night for dinner at Lancelin and the difference between the garlic bread there and here was night and day. This was a few pieces of delicious sourdough bread that had been sliced thinly then rubbed with fresh garlic and butter then grilled. Absolutely fantastic! $9 9/10

We also ordered a side to go with our meals, I insisted on having this as it had two of my favourite words in there ‘duck fat’. These were brussel sprouts that had been blanched and then they were sautéed in duck fat and they were absolutely fantastic, they had a nice Smokey flavour and then the leaves of the sprouts soaked up the fat. I could eat 100 of these. $8 9/10

Before I mentioned that one thing caught my eye and that made me order it, it was ‘poached egg’. I pretty much love anything with a poached egg on it!! This was angel hair pasta that had WA grown shrimp and it was another great meal! So many things were great, I loved the fact that they actually weren’t afraid to mix herbs through their pasta, I loved the how sweet and fresh tasting the shrimp were, I loved the richness of the egg (which judging by the colour of the yolk wasn’t your standard supermarket egg) coated all the pasta. It might overtake spaghi as having the best pasta dish in Perth! $29 10/10

Mummy had parpadelle pasta with slow cooked lamb shoulder and spinach. Her review of that was “The sauce was beautiful, the lamb was very tender and the pasta was cooked perfectly. A very satisfying dish“ 8/10 $34

According to Sarah they always have pork belly and scallops on the menu and just change what accompanies it. The pork belly and scallops with ho fun noodles. Her review of that was “The pork belly was crispy and melt in your mouth, the scallops were perfectly cooked, the noodle cake was delicious and a novel idea but a touch bland“ 7.5/10 $34.50

I really enjoyed my meal at the Subiaco hotel; it just has food that is really tasty in a friendly atmosphere. I can see why Sarah was trying to get me to go there for so long now. Another thing I wanted to mention was how good value for money it was, considering the quality of the food I thought that it was great value for money. I have paid more at soulless places like sizzler and had worse food!

Subiaco Hotel
465 Hay St
Perth, 6008
(08) 9381 3069

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