Normally when we are in lancelin we will have a barbeque one night and then the other night we will order pizzas. Well this time when we went to Lancelin we decided to mix things up a little bit and go out and get something to eat. Now the big decision is where to go for dinner? Well the girls decided from looking in the guest book that the home owners supplied us. There was a menu for a place called The dunes restaurant that the girls liked the look of.

So on Saturday night we all got relatively dressed up and headed down to the restaurant. My first opinion of the restaurant was that if we went there during the day it would have a fantastic view, however it was pretty dark when we got there. So we walked up and entered the restaurant, it had very dated look to it and the alcohol selections were quite limited. So we all sat down and were greeted with a very friendly waiter who I think was the only waiter who was working that night.

We then placed our orders and one of the things that I noticed was that there was a flavoured olive oil and red wine vinegar on the table. This was a nice touch as you were able to dress the salad as you see fit.

We looked over the menu and it was a pretty standard pub fare menu and very reasonably priced. I noticed that while we were waiting for our meals that most of the people must be at the Lancelin pub down the road because the restaurant was fairly deserted, there were maybe 15 people there? I ordered the fish and chips and I thought that due to how quiet the restaurant we had to wait a little bit of a long time, but it wasn’t too long and we were all having a good time laughing away.

We had an entrée of garlic bread. It was quite uninspiring and tasted like it was frozen and reheated. It was still nice because its butter and garlic, but it could have been so much better with just a couple of little changes. $6 4/10

When my fish and chips arrived I was quite impressed with the portion size. The chips were crispy and perfectly cooked, then the fish batter had a little seasoning and the fish was quite tender. Then I was able to use the aforementioned oil and vinegar to dress my salad. For a fish and chips lover it would be fantastic but my personal indifference to fish and chips I have to mark this down a couple of marks. $22 7/10

Carl and Adam wanted to submit their own reviews as they both ordered the same thing. So Carl said “it was the best ive had in a while it wasent chewy and had nicely seasoned batter :)” and adams review was “Awesome. Tender, not chewy at all, good size serving of squid for the money.” $20

In retrospect I thought it was a very well priced enjoyable meal with great company and some of the most attentive service I have seen in a while. Compared to the food at the endeavour tavern down the road it is so much fresher and it seems that someone has put some thought into the food.

The Dunes Restaurant
Lancelin beach hotel
1 North St Lancelin, Western Australia
Phone: 08 9655 1005 

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