One of my favourite meals to go out for is breakfast. I don’t normally eat breakfast during the week because I’m so busy but I love reading the news while eating something. I have also learned after travelling that I much prefer the breakfasts in asia. So after moving to near Subiaco I went to the station street markets where there are a few food stalls. While slurping down a bowl of noodles there I found out that all of the stalls open at 9am for breakfast.

Fast forward to last Saturday and I had a wedding and I did have a few wines so come Sunday morning I was feeling like I needed something to fill me up. I remembered that the station street markets opened early so I walked down there bright and early to get some breakfast.

Even though I got there at 9:30 the place was still packed with people getting their morning fixes (whatever that may be) and their fruit and vegetables. I made a beeline to the ‘saigon express’ stall and stood for a second thinking about what I want.

Now one of my dear friends sindi has actually taught me a little bit of Vietnamese, well enough to order food. So it is always an interesting reaction to see this tall bumbling westerner start spouting Vietnamese. On this particular occasion I had all 5 of the ladys that work there cracking up laughing.

I ordered ‘com ga’ which is a fairly typical breakfast starter in Vietnam. Its simply a chicken Maryland which has been rubbed with herbs and deep fried. Deep frying things without any batter is quite popular in Vietnam and this chicken was deep fried to perfection. You might be able to see from the picture but the chicken was so juicy and tender! The rice was stir fried with some egg and garlic and was pretty tasty aswell. Then there were a few slices of tomato and cucumber which tasted so fresh that I am sure that they came straight from the stall just a few meters away. $10 8/10

This was a great place to stop in for a quick fix and I plan to slowly work my way around to the other stalls in the markets.

Subiaco station street markets
41 Station St
Subiaco WA 6008
(08)9382 2832

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