So on Wednesday night my sister and I decided to do some grocery shopping. Now for the most part we enjoy grocery shopping however we have one golden rule. Do not go shopping while you are hungry. From previous experience I have found that going shopping while you are hungry only results in you buying 7 or 8 meals rather than 4 or 5 and copious amounts of things that you don’t need. We also aim to try a different place out each time that we go shopping. On this particular occasion it was sarahs turn to choose and she chose to go to ‘santa fe & tequila lounge’ in Subiaco.

Now santa fe is a bit of a Subiaco institution, it has been around for many years and on a Friday and Saturday night you can see a sea of teased hair and sequined eyelashes as girls fill up before a big night out. This normally leads to a pretty lively atmosphere with everyone toasting and talking loud and laughing. Unfortunately on a Wednesday night it wasn’t quite the same. I also have another reservation and that is that even though I have never been to mexico I get the idea that the food served here is vastly different to the food that you actually get in mexico. So that being said, would I enjoy my meal at santa fe?

So we walked in and were greeted by a very friendly waitress who walked us through the sparse restaurant to our table. I felt instantly comfortable with the staff, they waitress that we had was friendly and seemed to show interest on what we were ordering. Since we had arrived in time for happy hour this gave us two for one cocktails so we both had a margherita while we waited for our food. I thought the margherita was okay, the tequila quality was average but I felt that the rest of the ingredients were bland so it really needed fantastic tequila to carry this margherita. 8/10 $8

Then our entrée came, we chose the ‘chilli con queso’ which is a cheese dip which supposedly had chilli in it. One of the highlights of this dish was the corn chips which are not covered in salt and are made in house (honestly corn chips are so easy to make that I wonder why more Mexican places don’t do it), as for the dip I felt that it was warm and satisfying. However as it had ‘chilli’ in the title I was expecting more of a kick. There was basically not heat except for a little sprinkle of paprika over the dip. Sarah mentioned that the dip was as always ‘exceptional’. 7/10 $16

Since we went on a Wednesday santa fe had a deal called ‘wild Wednesday’. On this particular Wednesday the deal was you get their famous ribs and chips for $20. Sarahs review of the ribs was “The ribs were succulent however they were lacking barbeque sauce basting on the ribs as I like it sauce.“ 7/10 $20

I had a craving for nachos so I ordered the ‘chicken grande nachos’ which had shredded chicken, a tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream all atop some corn chips. Now this was a very nice plate of nachos except for a few factors. There were sprouts on top which served absolutely no purpose, I feel that there are so many other ways to make the dish look appetisint plus you would be able to eat the garnish! Also the tomato sauce was pretty heavy on the tamato and light on the lime and coriander. Lastly there was no heat at all, however this was partly our fault as I was being considerate of sarah and didn’t order any jalepenos. I am just nitpicking on the previous points as it was a pretty good plate of nachos and a very generous serving size. 8/10 $21.90

In summary I thought that santa fe was an alright Mexican restaurant in a fantastic location. However I am still on the search for the ultimate Mexican restaurant in perth. I have heard that the flying taco in north perth is good so that might be my next destination.

Santa Fe Restaurant
315 Hay St
Perth, 6008
(08) 9381 2571

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