So it was a Tuesday night and evidently it was one of those nights where we couldn’t come to a decision on what to have for dinner. After talking to my sister when we both got home from work we decided to go out and grab a bite to eat.

My decision on where to go partially came from my food blogging. Fast food burgers are something that I honestly don’t enjoy that much so I wanted to review a place that makes some of the best burgers I have had. This also gives me an opportunity to talk about fast food burgers.

So making a comparison between places like jus burgers and let’s say for comparisons sake a big mac meal seems slightly unfair. From a price perspective a large big meal is $9 I think? Well to get an equivalent burger combo from just costs 14 or 15 dollars which isn’t a huge difference, however the main reason that I don’t eat fast food burgers is the texture. The patties are just steamed until they are a uniform grey disc and assembled with wilted ingredients that have been sitting in the larder for days and then combined with overly sweet sauces on a spongy roll. The texture just doesn’t taste fresh and crunchy to me. Of course this is just my opinion, if you have a different opinion regarding fast food burgers then feel free to add it in the comments section below.

So as we walked into the Northbridge branch of jus burgers we were greeted with a fairly buzzing place considering it was a Tuesday night. The very friendly waitress seemed to have a lot of knowledge regarding the different menu items. So Sarah ordered first and then I ordered a cheeseburger. Except I had a special requirement in regards to how my burger was cooked, I asked tentatively “regarding the burger, if it’s at all possible could I please have it cooked medium rare?” without hesitation she came back with “all our beef patties are cooked to medium but we could of course accommodate your request.” I was looking forward to my medium rare Pattie now.

So after ordering we took our number and walked down to the back of the narrow restaurant and found a table and pulled up a couple of stools. After about a 10 minute wait the food came out.

We ordered a bowl of the onion rings. Sarah mentioned on the way to jus that we had to get the onion rings! These are huge! Sarah thought they were really tasty, normally i am not a huge fan or chips or onion rings however i make an exception for these, they were pretty good! 7/10 $5

Sarah ordered the ‘mullet’ burger which was a beef patty with cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Her review of the burger was “That the burger had a lot of flavour and I especially liked the crispy salty bacon“. 7/10 $15

So I had chosen something a little simpler as I wanted to taste the quality of the WA beef. So I ordered just the standard cheeseburger with blue cheese that was cooked to medium rare. The burger arrived with a knife sticking the top. I took the knife and cut into it wondering if the burger would be cooked perfectly. All worries went out the window as soon as I saw the burger, it was cooked perfectly! The taste was fantastic too, the burger had a bit of crust on the outside then after tasting the crust you get an intense rush of beef flavour that comes from the juices. The blue cheeses added a nice note of sourness to the burger. 7/10 $12

Overall jus burgers still remains the second best burger that I have had in Perth and I look forward to future visits here.

Jus Burgers
(08) 9228 2230
743 Newcastle St
Leederville, 6007 

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