The other day at work I received a phone call from a friend inviting me out to lunch. The aforementioned friend asked me where I would like to go to for lunch. I felt like a surprise so I let him choose. He chose the royal bar and brassiere in east Perth. I have been here for a drink before but never had the food here. I have to admit having some reservations before I went here, because the royal is set in a fantastic location I wondered if they were bringing customers based entirely on the location or if the chefs actually were interested in cooking.

So I arrived there on a gorgeous Sunday and sat down with the couple and started chatting to them. I guessed that the meal would be just the 3 of us, however after about 10 minutes more and more people arrived and eventually there were about 12 of us dining.

We all went and got a round of drinks and started chatting while looking at all the people docking up in their boats to grab a quick takeaway coffee or a bite to eat. Then I got to have a look at the menu and i wasn’t impressed straight away, when I look at some menus I want everything on the menu however that wasn’t the case with the royal. It didn’t feature a whole lot of variety in cooking.

After having a look at the menu I ordered the spinach gnocchi which was served with some cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin. Technically this was a very nicely cooked meal, the gnocchi was cooked perfectly and all the ingredients were cooked perfectly. But good food to me is more than just cooking technically correct, for a dish to be great it has to taste so good that all I can think about while I am eating it is how great it tastes, nothing else matters for those few minutes. Unfortunately this dish wasn’t that, it just tasted far too bland and there was no spice involved. 5/10 $19

A few people had the tandoori chicken sandwich and the general consensus on that was the chicken was a decent size however it was slightly dry and the chips were really yummy. $25

Someone also had the Cajun chicken salad, they said that it was really tasty and the peanuts added a nice crunch to the dish. $24

So at the start of this blog post I asked the question of if the chefs of the royal actually cared about what food they are serving and now after dining there I have to say that they are indifferent. There just aren’t enough inspiring dishes for me. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a fine meal but really that’s all it is, just ‘fine’. As I was leaving I saw a few people’s plates of food at ‘toast’ and the food there looks fantastic! I might have to make a booking for there.

(08) 9221 0466
60 Royal St
East Perth, 6004

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