On the Monday public holiday that was a few weeks ago my sister and I decided to catch up with the parents and have a nice family breakfast. I left it up to everyone else to decide much like with my review of the royal. My family ended up choosing the Botanical café which is adjacent to Fraser’s restaurant in Kings Park.

It was slightly brisk when we arrived there and as I looked around the restaurant I liked the fact that the kitchen had an open plan so you could see your meals being cooked up. We were directed to our table and sat down. Now Kings Park has arguably one of the best views in the whole of Perth, however at this café they had the canopy closed so we couldn’t see the view. The whole restaurant lacked a bit of atmosphere, it was just like a room that people come to eat food.

I was craving a big bowl of fruit so I ordered the seasonal fruit with yoghurt and granola. Now I imagine there is a bit of a poetic license with the term seasonal because I don’t know of many grape vines which produce fruit in June. Putting that aside the fruit salad was quite yummy and all the fruit had nice texture except for the soggy grapes. The yoghurt accompaniment just tasted really generic. It was a tasty meal but it was something that I could have easily prepared myself at home and at $16 it was quite expensive. 6/10

Overall I probably wouldn’t go back to the botanical café, it just didn’t have anything that would draw me back there again and being that close to Subiaco there are just a lot better breakfast options there.

(08) 9482 0122
Fraser Av
West Perth, 6005 

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