So I woke up on a wet and windy Sunday. I did a little bit of housework then I started to get hungry and decided that I was in desperate need of some food that would warm both my soul and my body.
I headed into northbridge armed with my wallet and a hoodie and scarf looking for somewhere that would fit the bill of warming me up. Walking through northbridge lots of things tempted me but nothing tempted me enough to walk in the door.
Walking past one particular restaurant I smelt the familiar aromas of fish sauce, lemongrass, garlic and fresh herbs. It was then that I knew I wanted Vietnamese, in particular some Vietnamese soup. So I walked in there and was greeted by very friendly staff which guided me to my table at the corner of the restaurant.
Looking around the restaurant I noticed the ambiance, this place was quite subdued compared to my usual Vietnamese restaurants that I go to. There was no shouting of Vietnamese across the restaurant or clashing of plates and cups as the waitresses clean up. It was slightly serene in a way.
I looked over the menu and I noticed that this menu had pretty much all the usual stuff. As soon as I saw one particular item on the menu I knew I had to have it.
In Vietnamese it is known as Bún bò Hu? and this is my single favourite noodle dish in the world. Better than pho or ramen or laksa or hokkien mee or anything else. It is a beef noodle soup originating from the imperial city of Hu? and the predominant flavour in the broth is lemongrass.
When it comes to your table you get the bowl and then as you can see in the picture it also comes with a bowl of red cabbage, herbs and bean shoots. In Vietnam they also thinly slice banana flowers and serve those with it. The first thing I did when i got the bowl was to try some of the broth, my first impression was that it was quite tasty and I did get a good hit of lemongrass. However this was missing the usual funkiness that a good bowl of bun bo hue has, normally they add a big chunk of fermented shrimp paste to the broth while cooking but this had none of that. 8/10 $11
That’s not to say that it wasn’t a great bowl of noodle soup, it was! It was full of yummy ingredients like perfectly cooked noodles and sliced Vietnamese polony, beef shank, spring onions and a little pigs foot. After adding a little head I slurped down every last drop.
I would be hesitant to go back there again, not because it was a bad bowl of noodle soup but just because there are a few other Vietnamese places that I prefer within walking distance along William st.

Phong Vinh
(08) 9228 8238
3/323 William Street
Perth, 6000

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