So when I speak to people and I tell them that I have a blog the next thing they will say is “oh I have this great place that you have to try to review” personally I love getting suggestions this way so if you have any places you would like me to try then add them to the comments section below. So this is how I found myself on Scarborough beach road at 10am on a cold Sunday morning.
This place was suggested to me by a workmate who lives around the corner. I have to thank him for telling me about this as if I didn’t know about it there is zero chance that I would even notice it, much less actually go there. The café is set back from Scarborough beach road down a side street with no signage that is viewable from there.
When I first walked up to the café I knew that this must be a bit of a Scarborough institution because the place was packed with people! Luckily my friend had booked a table so we were able to sit down. As I sat down I looked around the restaurant and it was a place that smelled good, to my left I could see a row of really yummy roll’s and sandwiches that I will have to come back for!
So at pizzaca they just do ordering at the counter that I am fine with if they are friendly and they were. I ordered a coffee and not long after placing the order our coffees arrived, one of the most frustrating things about going out to breakfast is when the coffee is served lukewarm but here it was nice and hot so that was a plus. They could have used a coarser grind for the coffee but it was nice. $4
For my breakfast I had a craving for scrambled eggs so I ordered the scrambled eggs with cheese and chives on sourdough toast. The wait time was quite a while in between ordering our food and it arriving. I didn’t mind because I was enjoying chatting to my friends and telling stories but the food did take somewhere in the vicinity of 35-40 minutes to come out.
Thankfully when the food arrived it was worth the wait. The eggs were glistening in a sign that they were still cooked so that they were soft. Then there was a nice amount of cheese and seasoning in the eggs. Then the bread had a fair bit of flavour and I liked that they used quite a dense bread that managed to hold up to the weight of the scrambled eggs. It was a very yummy start to the day! 8/10 $14.50
Carl and Katie both ordered the eggs Benedict and their reviews were “Eggs were poached to perfection and the hollandaise sauce was creamy and tangy. A great way to start a Sunday morning!“ $17
Overall I thought this was a great little find and I wouldn’t mind going back there to either try the wood fired pizzas or those yummy rolls that were in the display.
Pizzaca Caffe
(08) 9341 1288
161 Gildercliffe Street
Scarborough, 6019
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