So on a cold saturday night my sister and I were trying to decide on a place to go out to eat. We considered many places around the western suburbs. Then i remembered that there is a new bar around called the brown fox in West Perth. I remember having a drink there a while ago and finding the menu quite interesting, a classic french bistro menu. So we walked down the road to the brown fox.

As we walked in we knew we were in a french restaurant straight away, one thing that i notice about french restaurants far more than any other cuisine is the smell. French restaurants have this tendency to smell amazing, a great mix of red wine, fresh herbs and garlic. After we sat down we were greeted by a very friendly waiter who supplied us with some tap water. A few minutes after that we had some hot bread rolls that were supplied with luscious french butter to us as we looked over the menu. A nice touch i thought, also if you have never had french butter before then do yourself a favour and go and pick some up, it’s worlds apart from any australian butter.

One the topic of the menu this is one of the rare occasions where everything on the menu is right in my comfort zone, from the selection of terrines to the fact that you can order a steak frites with a proper french cut of steak to the selection of stews that are on the menu. It took a lot of deliberating on my part to decide what i wanted to eat.
I decided to have a glass of wine while we waited for our dinner and i decided on a temperanillo from Rioja in Spain. I thought that the wine was alright, It had a lot of blackberry juice flavour but it lacked a little bit of the heat and spice that i enjoy from reds. That is purely my opinion because if you stand on the fence of enjoying red wine then i feel that this would be quite a tasty wine. I also wanted to mention that the wine list at the brown fox is fantastic, the prices are more or less exactly the same as everywhere else but they actually put some thought behind different varietals rather than just stocking wines from the same 3-4 different wineries. 7/10 $8.50

Then our entree we ordered to share was delivered by a very friendly waiter. We ordered a duck liver parfait that was served with some house made cornichons, some salt and pepper and some rye bread. I loved the presentation of this dish, adding the wood board added a definate home-style quality to the dish. The parfait was fantastic! (sarah mentioned that the parfait from must is nice, which i am yet to try). The layer of butter was hiding this increidbly light parfait that had a slight hit of iron, just enough to know that you are eating liver. The parfait was actually matched really well with the little bit of sea salt. Then the cornichons helped cut through the very rich entree. 8/10 $14

When i saw that they had cassoulet on the menu here i knew that i had to order it! Cassoulet is one of my favourite things and the rendition they serve at the brown fox is fantastic! It doesnt have the signature crust that cassoulet normally has but the sausages were listed as tolouse sausages on the menu and they had a beatiful coarse texture. Then the stewed beans and carrot stew were fantastic. They were rich and warming with a nice flavour of red wine getting soaked up by the beans. I also wanted to mention the price of this dish. It was only $22 which in the particular environment i was this is one of the best value dishes i have had. I couldn’t even finish my meal. 9/10 $22

Then the very charming waiter tried to upsell us with some deserts but unfortunately i was too full from my cassoulet. As we stood up to leave the restaurant i glanced over and saw the table next to us had ordered desserts and they looked really good! I will have to return for them.

In conclusion this was a fantastic neighbourhood place that i have discovered and it reminded me that french food is fantastic. Even if it wasnt in my neighbourhood i would travel here.

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