Now Perth does not really have a lot of ‘over the top’ choices for meals. I mean they have the occasional big steak you can order but it is nothing compared to what they have in cities other than Perth. From following food blogs in other countries there are things such as Giant Burgers and hot dogs with a ridiculous amounts of toppings so as soon as i saw that there was this option available in perth i knew i had to take up the option.

I have been to Iku Sushi a number of times before but i have always chickened out when it comes to ordering one item. I woke up one morning feeling particularly corageous so when i got to work i emailed my work lunch buddy liana and said “guess what? you are joining me for lunch today” A few hours later we walked into Iku sushi.

As you walk in there you are greeted by a very fun atmosphere with lots of green and a really cute tokyo wallpaper set against one wall. Then you have the option of picking up one of the ready made items or going up to the counter and ordering something a la carte from the counter. This was where i went up and ordered cheeseburger sushi.

Even typing the words on this blog it still sounds a little strange. I ordered 6 pieces for $8.50 which i have to admit i thought it was slightly overpriced. After a slightly long wait of about 15 minutes my lunch arrives. I was a little nervous as i picked up a piece of the deep fried sushi, dunked it in a little wasabi mayonaisse then tried it. The first intital quite strong flavour was of the nori sheets that the sushi was rolled in. I guess in my head i was thinking more about the cheeseburger part and less about the sushi part. Then once i got over the seaweed taste i just tasted blandness if i am honest. One of my favourite blogs is and the tagline for that blog is “never waste your calories on yucky food” and to me this is a huge waste of calories. For something that wasnt hugely tasty it was incredibly high in calories. If you find yourself in iku sushi for lunch then i suggest you either try the peking duck sushi or the eel set with salad. Both have far less calories and a lot more flavour. $8.50

Liana Had the onion rings which were served with Japanese mayonaisse and a beef curry set. Her opinion of this was that the curry was quite nice but the rice was very overcooked. The onion rings were yummy! Very light with beautiful japanese mayonaisse.

One thing that i noticed when we were walking out were the were little ninja stars against the wall which were pretty cool!

Overall Iku Sushi is a great little spot, it’s a case of not letting a bad review tarnish this place because while i didn’t like the cheeseburger sushi i have had enjoyable meals with everything else that i have ordered in the past.

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