This is actually the second time that I have been to this particular place in a week. The first time that I went here was a few days before this time. I found myself in east Perth and didn’t have too long to go before I had to make my way back to work.
I saw this place and having the word cafe in the title I immediately thought that it was a western style cafe so I was prepared to just grab a salad roll.

As I walked into the cafe a lot of food sounded familiar, I saw things like roti prata and kuehs being enjoyed. I didn’t do a review that time I went there but I was so impressed that I knew I had to return. So on friday I woke up starving so on the walk to work in the morning I was already thinking of what to have for lunch! I thought of the lunch I had three days ago and caught up with one of my work buddies and dined there.

I suppose the cuisine that is served here would be classified as Singapore indian food. The menu works slightly different in the fact that you buy the rice for a base price then for a small fee you then add your veggies curries etc. There was so much to choose from! Also everything seemed to have its own individual flavours. I will have to come back and work my way through some of the other dishes.

Another thing I liked about this place was the service, the guy that served our dishes seemed to be really passionate about his food. Anthony Bourdain from no reservations quite often talks about the perfect food as coming “from someone” and this is a perfect example. Someone that actually cares about what dishes he puts out.

So after chatting to the waiter he served me up a big pile of white rice with some tofu and hard-boiled eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, vegetables cooked in coconut milk and a prawn fritter. The prawn fritter was a flour fritter that had a few small crunchy prawns that were placed in before it was deep-fried. The nice touch here is that they patted the excess oil off and it was quite fresh so it had a huge amount of crunch. The vegetables cooked in coconut milk were also something that was delicious! This particular dish goes fantastically with rice! The egg and tofu dish wasn’t something that I loved. Mainly because the tofu was slightly spongy and the egg didn’t seem to go with any of the other flavours. 8/10

I know I have been gushing slightly but I really like this place. I also really want to try some of the other items on the menu. I think my favourite thing about this place is the love factor. There is a definite sense of love being put into the dishes here.

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