Last week it was too beautiful of a day to be stuck inside. After spending the weekend with my parents we decided to go to the movies and then get something to eat afterwards.

We went to a morning session at the cinemas in nedlands, by the time the movie finished it was getting close to lunchtime. After discussions of where we could go the option of going to the Matilda bay tea rooms came up. The thought of enjoying a nice meal with friends in the beautiful sunshine was quite a pleasant one so we made our way there.

When you go into the tea rooms to place your order it has a decidedly different vibe to the ‘tea rooms’ that I am used to. Rather than being tea rooms the first thing I though when I walked in was that it looked like a take away fish and chips place! I thought “oh well, if the food is great then it doesn’t really matter a whole heap”. The menu is slightly more ambitious than your usual tea rooms menu.

So my sister and I shared a few things for lunch, we started off with a steak sandwich that was served with some caramelised onions and some wilted lettuce leaves on rye bread. This was tasty however I think in hindsight I probably didn’t order the correct thing as I have a feeling that all the items including the steak were prepared ahead of time and just assembled together. As far as flavour goes it was missing something, I think it needed a good hit of pepper or something acidic to get your taste buds going. 6.5/10

The other thing we ordered was the Thai fish cakes. I have a feeling that these have been made fresh, however when preparing them they blitzed the fish for far too long and the breadcrumb coating was slightly burnt. I didn’t really enjoy these that much, they were just far too tough and chewy. 5/10

I know I have been quite harsh with my scores from this place but I was purely reviewing the individual dishes, the whole experience of the Matilda bay tea rooms is one where food isn’t meant to take the focus of the restaurant, the focus is meant to be on spending time with friends and family in a beautiful environment. Reviewing the restaurant based on the latter it’s a fantastic restaurant so next time I might just stick with my drink.

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