This was another meal where my sister and i were deciding on somewhere to go before grocery shopping. I had been to Hogs Breath previously but Sarah hadn’t been before. I decided to take her there and see if she liked it.

As we walk into hogs breath on a cool thursday night we realise on thing, this place is very popular! It was pretty busy even though it was a thursday night. We managed to get a table however we only had a limited time to finish our meals.

The decor inside hogs breath is quite interesting, there is a lot of americana related items strewn throughout the restaurant but then other aspects of the restaurant indicate that the place is completely Australian. There is also a wide range of people dining there, everyone from people just looking for a relaxing meal to people drinking lots of cocktails while having dinner, however I did notice one constant between all these people is that everyone had a smile on their face. It has very bright and uplifting decor.

So we received the menu and the first thing I noticed is that the menu is pretty large, it probably spans about 40 items between entrée, main and desert.

Sarah and I shared and entrée to start, we decided to go with the deep fried monterey jack cheese sticks. My thinking was how can you go wrong with something that is deep fried and cheesy right? Well these were alright but they were missing two things. One was that there was absolutely zero spice, not even any salt and pepper. The other thing is that it needed some texture, a huge mass of melty cheese isn’t the most pleasant thing.

For the main course I considered getting something else on the menu, the ribs or the chilli maybe? Then my sense overtook me and I thought “who comes to hogs breath and doesn’t order the steak?” So that’s what I went with! With the slow cooked steaks there are about 9 different sauces and toppings that you can choose between. I was drawn to one particular one which was advertised as a Byron bay chilli topping 7/10. As a spice fiend I was interested to try this and see what hogs breaths interpretation of 7/10 is. To summarise my last question the sauce was more like a 5/10, it was pretty tame in my eyes. That being said though it was a really nice meal! The hogtail fries are always crispy and the salad, while the vegetables were generic they were all warm and cooked correctly. The steak was really juicy! I also thought that it was quite a decent size. 8/10

Sarah had the steak with prawns and her opinion was “It was very juicy and tender, the prawns were also perfectly cooked”

So I suppose in some strange way being a food blogger I should be against chain places. That being said I really like hogs breath, the atmosphere is quite positive and the meals are really reasonably sized while being well priced.

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