This is another place that was recommended to me as a place to do a review on. So much like my pizzaca review this is another place that is hidden in a row of shops. Honestly if I wasn’t going with some experts I would have no idea that this place was there.

So we arrived at a car park that was on Scarborough beach road on saturday night at a nondescript restaurant that sits next to a subway. However as soon as I entered the restaurant I was completely surprised by the interior, it was quite luxurious!

Luxury isn’t something I usually associate with indian restaurants however there were constant little touches that gave me the idea that this place is run by someone who knows what they are doing. Things like when the tables are set the wait staff will wear white gloves while they do it so as not to leave fingerprints. Plus the wait staff constantly filled our water without interrupting our conversation.

So when we got the menu I was slightly bewildered on what to choose, however rob and tam put my mind at ease, they were the experts so they could give me their own personal opinion on each dish. Rob mentioned that curry is even better the next day so we should order some extra curries.

After a short wait our entrees came out and the consisted of the following;

Onion Bhaji: now this was my first time having onion bahji’s and while I thought they could have used a little more spice I was very impressed with how crispy they were when they arrived. They must have literally just came out of the deep frier.

Vegetable Pakora: I thought these were alright. However they tasted like deep-fried vegetables, they didn’t set my work alight but I think they would be great with beer.

Punjab Hariyali Tikka: Oh this was just fantastic! When it arrived I thought it was just some chicken pieces that had been rubbed in a spinach marinade. However they are slow braised chicken pieces with a fairly powerful spice rub that lights up your taste buds. Absolutely fantastic.

Vegetable samosas: I thought these were just alright. I mean they were tasty and deep-fried but they were nothing that you couldn’t get in any other indian restaurant.

Another nice touch was the fact that they supplied some tasty sauces that went with out entrees.

Now there was quite a long wait in between the entrees and the mains. I think we were waiting for nearly an hour. Sometimes this can be a bit of a bad omen as it shows that the kitchen isn’t exactly organised. However once the main dishes arrived all doubt had gone out the window! Everything was fantastic!

Saag Lamb: This was the first dish that we received and I loved this, beautiful tender chunks of lamb cooked in a fragrant spinach sauce.

Aloo Bhazi: This was great but with the amount of food that we ordered it kind of ended up being forgotten.

Rice: The rice was cooked perfectly and did a great job of mopping up all the yummy curry gravy.

Butter Chicken: Everyone except for me had named this their favourite dish of the night. This was the first butter chicken I had that tasted like it had actual butter in it. Too rich and too bland for me, my favourite thing is yet to come.

Lamb korma: I love cashew nuts so this was a plus for me, it was also very rich so I only had a small serving.

Garlic Naan: This was the best thing I had the whole night. They have their own tandoori that all the breads are cooked in. previously all the garlic naan breads I have had they put the garlic on before they toast the bread. This causes the garlic to lose all it’s flavour and go chewy. With this particular bread they used an oil and garlic mixture that they basted the bread with afterwards. Absolutely fantastic.

In summary I think I finally ‘get’ indian food. I would go back to this place in a heartbeat, I loved it. However I still prefer the aromatic dishes of Vietnam to the spice based dishes of india.

Where is your favourite indian restaurant? Leave a comment below letting me know

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