This is it, this is my favourite place to eat in the swan valley. I have lived in the swan valley most of my life so i have tried a lot of places but this is one place that I have always left feeling satisfied. However i haven’t been to taylors in a little while, the last i heard that were doing some overpriced a la carte stuff which isn’t really their strong suit. My mum invited me out for a little mummy and son time so we could see if this is still the same place that we have enjoyed many meals at.

As we entered we were treated to a very eclectic almost backyard feeling with lots of mismatched furniture lying around and colouring in books available for kids to waste time while mummy and daddy have a catch up and chat.

As we enter in to the restaurant we are greeted with a blackboard that runs the length of the wall and is filled with yummy items. We originally had a scoopon deal which entitled us to a platter and two coffees. We thought we might suppliment this with a couple of little entrees since they all looked so delicious.

While waiting i had ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice. What was nice about this was it wasn’t too sweet and it was served in a vintage tin cup, there were a few sprigs of mint in there aswell which was a nice touch.

After sitting down and waiting about 25 minutes my entree had arrived, this was a egg and spinach tart that also had a mature cheddar mixed through it. Then it was served with a simple mesculun salad with some persian fetta stirred through the leaves. Absolutely fantastic, this was the taylors that i remember. A few ingredients that are of incredibly high quality will always equal a fantastic meal.

My mummy ordered bowl of asparagus soup. This was delicious aswell! The thing that amazed both of us was how fine they managed to get the soup, normally asparagus soup seems to carry some of the stringiness but this had none of that. The only consession which could also be seen as a blessing was that it was very rich, i imagine that there was a lot of cream added to this bowl.

Initially after we finished our entrees with slightly regretted having the platter too because we were already full. However once the platter arrived our appetited returned. This platter was absolutely fantastic for casually grazing on with fantastsic things like pistachios, homemade hommus and beautiful swan valley marinated olives. We spent the next our casually chatting and grazing on the meal.

I know that it sounds like i am gushing about this place but it honestly is my favourite place in the swan valley. A place that is completely relaxing and served delicious really high quality simple fare. I will definitely be back again.
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