This is a place that I have been wanting to blog about for a long time. I first went here a few years ago when I worked in west Perth and I instantly loved the fact that this place is well hidden and quite a relaxing spot in the middle of a business district.

A few weeks ago I got an email from one of my work colleagues and the email basically said “I have to get out of the office, would you like to have lunch”. I was particularly craving some Malaysian food so I suggested going to noodle inn.

As you can see from the opening picture it isn’t the easiest place to find, in fact we had pretty much walked past it before I pointed out to Liana that it was down a narrow alleyway that is barely the width of a person.

After we walk through the alleyway we notice the decor which is very utilitarian. I do like the fact that the kitchen is visible to the public. I find that this serves two purposes, one is that it’s quite enjoyable seeing how people work and the other thing is that smelling all sorts of dishes being cooked gets you really hungry and leads to a high anticipation of the coming meal!

I had a look at the menu and a lot of things appealed to me, I wasn’t sure what to order so I just decided to make a snap decision which resulted in me ordering the Malay chicken curry. I have to say one thing that constantly surprises me from this place is the speed of the service! I literally had to wait only 3 or 4 minutes for my curry to arrive. The curry was fantastic, the chicken thighs were braised in a rich sauce and served with a side of rice. I really enjoyed this, my only criticism is that the tomato and cucumber added nothing to the meal.

Liana went for the curry laksa, however I have to say that she kind of had her selection made by me. I believe that noodle inn actually makes the best curry laksa in Perth, so I was waiting with bated breath for her to try her laksa and supply her opinion of it.. She thought that it was really nice, she liked the fact it wasnt as creamy as some other laksa’s. She did find the tofu of a little cheap quality.

There is a huge range of things here so is I think that if you worked in west Perth it would be the sort of place that you could go back to multiple times and slowly work through the menu choices. Great spot.

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