I was feeling a little bit of bloggers remorse because I haven’t put a new review up in a couple of weeks and I woke up motivated this morning ready to review! When I got to work I emailed my work buddy liana and arranged to catch up for lunch and we had a discussion on where to go. We were both feeling like asian food and I remember receiving a suggestion from one of my colleagues regarding this place that apparently does really good lunch specials.

This is how I found myself entering the doors of the tea cafe, as soon as we entered we were greeted by very friendly staff who directed us to our booth. As we glanced over the menu I was feeling a little overwhelmed as there are a lot of options to choose from! Eventually we both decided and so orders were placed with the friendly wait staff.

As we waited for our meal I had a quick glance around at the decor of the place and I noticed that a lot of things are very bright, including really bright walls. There is also a little wall at the back filled with books. This seems like it is the sort of place that would be perfect to go and study in peace over a cup of tea.

After a very short wait of around ten to fifteen minutes our meals had arrived. I decided on mine because I haven’t had fried rice in a while. Out of all the different types of fried rice this minced beef fried rice appealed to me because I hadn’t had it before. After my first bite I realised that it was fantastic! Beautiful well seasoned beef mince stir fried with rice over a high heat so it had a nice smokey flavour. Another nice thing about this fried rice is that it had shredded iceberg lettuce mixed through it at the end so there is a really nice texture going on there.

Liana decided to get the lunch special of the day which was steamed chicken and rice. This is what she thought of it “The chicken was perfectly cooked, lovely and tender and juicy. The rice was also perfectly cooked. Nice simple, light sauce, needed some added chilli though (which I did, a lot). Could have done with a little bit more veg, but what was served was also lovely”. I have to admit that I did sneak a little taste of hers and I completely agree on the tenderness of the chicken.

After we paid I reminisced on my experience at Tea Cafe and I really enjoyed myself. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and I am really eager to go back and try a few different things on the menu. One of the things I want to try is the baked pork chop that they have on the menu. I will be back for sure!

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