This was the first day of my holidays and I knew for today I had one thing planned. To go to the gym.
I went to the gym in the morning and then once I finished working out I started to feel pretty hungry. I remembered that I purchased a spreets voucher a while back for what the pho and it expired in a few days so I decided to go there.

I made the Walk to northbridge and to the restaurant and the first thing that I noticed about What the Pho was how modern everything looks. It is all so green with long benches with stools so you can sit down next to strangers while slurping noodles. This aspect of the decor reminded me of a lot of Cafes in Vietnam.

As soon as I saw the menu I knew what I wanted. Much like I mentioned in my phong vinh review I use pho as a bit of a litmus test on whether a restaurant is worth its salt so to speak. The very friendly waitress came over and took my order. What was funny was that when I placed my order the particular bowl of noodles contains tripe so she actually asked me “are you okay with eating tripe” to which i replies with a resounding “yes!”.

After a 10 minute wait my bowl of noodles arrived filled to the brim with all kinds of good stuff. As I squeeze my lemon in there I am hit with the familiar sweet aroma of a long simmered bowl of stock for pho. My thoughts on this rendition is that the broth is slightly dull tasting. Other places have little tricks like adding roasted onions and things to pump up the flavor of the broth which this was missing.
However one thing that this bowl of pho had going for it was the quality of the beef! It all tasted really fresh, so much so that I would say that the quality of the beef in this bowl is the best that I have had in Perth.

It’s a shame that this bowl of pho had the chance to be the best bowl of pho in Perth if they just needed to do. All they would really need to do is get the broth right and add in some freshly ground pepper. As it stands tra vinh still has the best pho in Perth.

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