For my birthday I decided to go out to lunch by myself, I decided to treat myself to some yummy hawker cuisine and I knew just the place to go to. I was on the way to spencer village and I was thinking about how I would write-up this review. I mean if you look at the above picture you can see that there are such a wide range of stall with different cuisines that it isn’t fair to group them all in one review.

A few days prior to this I mentioned to libertine eats and Perth food engineers that I was going to spencer village and their love of this food hall expressed in great detail. Someone mentioned that I tried something called ‘ham chee peng’ from the straits cuisine stall.

I got there and had a look around and took in the individual aromas of each individual place. I got to spencer village and saw the ham chee peng so I ordered one of those. I thought I might need a few extras so I also ordered a couple of other things from the very friendly manager.

While I waited for the rest of my food to be made I tried my savory ham chee peng, there was a sweet and a savoury option so I went for the sweet option. My first thoughts were that it tastes like a donut. On the second bite I tasted a little of the salt and five spice, that completely transformed the snack. It was unlike anything I have had before and I have to say that it would be good beer food, a couple of those would go really well with an icy cold corona.

The next dish that arrived was a hot and sour soup. As soon as this landed on my table I could smell the intense vinegar aroma of a good hot and sour soup. When I tried it I didn’t get as much of a vinegar taste but it was so spicy!! While it was quite spicy I did also really enjoy the feeling of eating spicy food on a hot day.

Finally the third dish I ordered arrived and it was a big plate of nasi lemak, this was fantastic! I was really impressed with the chilli sambal, it had a really nice roasted tomato flavor to it. The rice was also cooked with the perfect amount of coconut milk and the chicken was really juicy.

I always leave spencer village feeling satisfied and today is no different, it was a fantastic meal enjoyed I. Authentic surroundings that remind me of hawker centers of Malaysia.

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