On friday i decided to take advantage of the free public transport that was being offered due to CHOGM and take the train to Fremantle. Now I have only been to Fremantle maybe 15 times in my life, I have a few reservations about the place. I was hoping that this trip would change those reservations.

Going to Fremantle on a public holiday is completely different because everyone is having a nice time and everyone looks really relaxed. After going for a walk around and admiring the old buildings for a while I started to get hungry. I walked around and was greeted by a lot of interesting sights and smells that sparked my interest. I have to say that I did have some problems making my mind up so I decided to look up where to go on the urbanspoon app using the shuffle feature.

So I pulled out my iPhone and clicked shuffle on the app and the first place that popped up was a place called ‘Istanbul turkish restaurant’ and it was only just around the corner. Now I don’t have much of a history of turkish food. I mean I enjoy turkish bread and dips but I have never been to a turkish restaurant before. When I got there I was slightly apprehensive due to the place being very quiet.

After a few minutes I was greeted by the very friendly waitress who asked what I would like for lunch. Unfortunately I couldn’t decide what to order so after some suggestions I ended up ordering the ‘saslik’. So I placed my order and while waiting for the food arrived I enjoyed watching people go past on their little trips to Fremantle.

My food ended up arriving after a few minutes. So the saslik turned out to be cubes of lamb that is sautéed in a red sauce and onions and capsicum then topped with feta cheese. As soon as I had the first taste I knew this was right up my alley, the lamb had been cooked so it was still pink inside and the vegetables were still crunchy. My only criticism of this dish was that the feta cheese didn’t do much because it was in such small pieces. The salad and the rice were also really nice.

However the thing that I will take away from my dining experience at Istanbul Kitchen was how good the turkish bread was! I have only really had turkish bread before that is either from a supermarket or stuff that has been sitting at a bakery all day. Since I was one of the first customers of the day I was served still warm turkish bread and it was absolutely fantastic.It was just so tender and crunchy.

At the start of this review I mentioned that I didn’t know much about turkish cuisine. Now I feel that I know a little more about it and I would like to know more. It seems that turkish cuisine is incredibly varied so there are lots of other dishes that I would like to try.

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant on Urbanspoon