I was arranging catching up with my friend S for dinner. It had been a while since we caught up and she let me choose where we were going to go to eat. I actually had quite a hard time choosing where to go for dinner, I knew that S wanted to go somewhere that has the familiarity of suburbs pub dining but at a inner city location. After thinking for a few hours about this i finally decided on the Captain Stirling!

As soon as we walked into the pub i knew that i had made the right choice, as you enter you are greeted with a garden are that looks like it has been lifted straight out of a backyard. That being said nothing really stood out about the inside of the pub so outside is definitely the place to hang out.

We took our menus and sat down with tasty beverages to look over what to have. The menu contains most of the standard pub fare, things like chicken parmigiana and steak with garlic prawns. I was particularly interested in the supplementary menu which was offering a Tuesday chili special, this had a number of different spicy options like chili con carne, a super spicy burger and chili mussels. I had a little bit of a craving for chili con carne so as soon as i saw that on the menu i knew it was for me.

It was quite a humid day when we were eating and as we waited for our meals to arrive i remembered one common criticism that i hear from people and that is people saying “I don’t know how you can eat spicy food on hot days”. This brings me back to my travels in Asia and personally building up a little bit of a sweat working through a dish can be quite refreshing.

I was wondering if the chili con carne would cause me to sweat and i have to say that i didn’t. I did think it was quite enjoyable though, there was a nice level of spice there with some perfectly cooked beans. I also appreciated that there was a decent amount of rice. It was a very satisfying meal for a very reasonable price (only $14). (not seen in the photo was a spoonful of sour cream that is hiding behind the rice).

Overall I would return back to the Captain Stirling if i was in the area but i wouldn’t travel to go there. There are a lot of other pubs which serve identical menus to a similar level that i could go to in any suburb.

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