I had planned to catch up with my friend B. when we were discussing the topic of where to go she mentioned that she wouldn’t mind going to breakfast I knew just the place to suggest.

Mrs s seems to be the latest darling of the Perth food media with pretty much every respectable blog writing a post about it. I was curious to see if all of these reviews had been worthy. As I entered the restaurant the first thing that struck me was how homely it was, it really was like being in someone’s lounge room. The second thing I noticed was how relaxed and friendly the wait staff were, this not only shows that the wait staff are quite friendly but also that the people running the cafe know what they are doing because even though the cafe was flat out the staff still had time to be sincere and friendly.

I was handed the menu and noticed a cute touch that a lot of other blogs have mentioned. The fact that the menus are printed and then attached to old ‘golden books’ that I am sure everyone had growing up. The menu is one of those menus where everything looks good! I honestly had a hard time deciding, I ended up going for the big breakfast mainly because I can’t think of the last time that I had ordered one!

About 5 or 6 minutes after ordering my coffee arrived, I decided to go with a short Mac. I though the coffee was delicious! I wouldn’t rank it up near the a list of Perth coffee establishments but I found that it had a nice sweetness with a little bit of bitterness and a quite dense crema on top.

15 minutes after our coffees arrived we received our breakfasts and when my big breakfast arrived i started to doubt myself because it was huge! It was stacked high with ingredients including things like beautiful caramelised bacon, really fluffy eggs and yummy ciabatta bread. My favourite part of the big breakfast were the baked beans, rather than being made with beans they were actually made with chickpeas and they were fantastic!

Overall i really liked Mrs. S, I can see what all the hype is about now as its food that they have put some thought into and that they serve in a fantastic setting. After reading some of the other postsĀ I am pretty keen to try the ‘manwich’ on the menu which is a sandwich with pulled pork and coleslaw.


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