This was a meal that has been in the works for a little while. On twitter a few of us have been discussing where to go and your favourite spots. Hawker’s cuisine seemed to be a particularly popular choice, even for just one dish which we will get to later. I hadn’t been to hawker’s cuisine before, although i do love Malaysian hawker fare so i would be interested to see if this is another place to add to my shortlist.

I got there a little bit early and the first thing that i notices when i walked into the restaurant was how bright everything was! On the left as you walk in there are fresh fish tanks, then on the right wall was an incredibly bright orange feature wall. I was joined for dinner by the following bloggers;
Perth Food Engineers
Libertine eats

The food pornographer
Foodie cravings (just for dessert)

When the menu came around it was extremely apparent that i was the novice of the table! Everyone else seemed to be an expert and know what this restaurant did well and what they did poorly. I was quite pleased to see that they have quite a large range of drinks they make to order as well. I decided to go for a ‘teh o peng’ which is iced tea without milk and sweetened, however i am not a fan of sweet tea so i ordered a ‘teh o peng without sugar’ (I have since learned through wikipedia that the correct way to order this is ‘teh o kosong peng’. I liked that the tea came in a proper sized glass that lasted me all the way through dinner.

The first of our dishes came out and this is a dish that apparently 80% of people come and order, this is the famous marmite chicken. These are chicken pieces that are rubbed with a marmite mixture before being deep fried and i have to say that I was slightly disappointed. I just found that while being savoury no flavours stood out for me, in particular the marmite wasn’t as apparent as i was hoping (I have since been informed that this was a particularly weak batch of marmite chicken).

When we were deciding what to eat we knew that we wanted to have a pork dish but we wanted to have something that we hadn’t had before. Jac (TFP’s other half) decided to go for the Cik Kong pork ribs because they sounded interesting. I have to say that these were crispy, salty and just great. The only thing is I think that these would be fantastic with some sriracha.

This dish was my favourite one of the whole evening and is apparently another hawker speciality. I hadn’t had tried butter prawns so i didn’t know what to expect but i was very pleased with them. Deep fried, super juicy shrimp were then topped with something that was completely unique to me, it was a mixture of egg, oats and butter. I have to say that this mixture went absolutely fantastic with the rice!

The next thing that we ordered was something that the Perth food engineers suggested, it was a dish of cooked cucumber served with century egg and goji berries. I was quite interested to try this as i have only previously had century egg when it is served with congee so this would be something completely different to me. I have to say that i kind of liked it, It was the kind of thing that felt like it was quite healthy. I was a little disappointed by the century egg in the dish, I was hoping for a stronger flavour.

I saw salt and pepper beef on the menu but I wasn’t sure what hawkers interpretation of this dish is. The seasoning on this was exactly the same as salt and pepper squid, however it had the taste of beef. I didn’t love this dish, i found that it was slightly too salty and it made me realise that beef doesn’t really suit deep frying.

This was another one of my favourite dishes (along with the butter prawns), this was sizzling tofu topped with chicken mince, egg and salted fish. Home cooking at it’s finest, I could just imagine having this with rice and some simple greens as a typical home meal.

There seemed to be a mutual agreement on what greens dish to get with this feast, we had to go with the sambal kang kung. It seems to be the default go to option for Malaysian Chinese, I suppose it’s probably a little taste of home for them. I remember when i was in Malaysia sambal kang kung was completely ubiquitous on the menus all Chinese restaurants over there.

When i was looking at the menu at the start of the meal i had to make a mental note to myself to save room for desert as they served ais kacang. I knew that we were going to hawkers cuisine on the weekend so during the week i actually had a craving for this particular desert so when i saw it was on the menu i knew that i had to order it. It’s funny how everyone has their own little opinions regarding this dish, some people (like myself) don’t really care for the ice and syrup and love the beans, jelly and lychee’s at the bottom while other people live for the ice and syrup on the top.

I really enjoyed my meal at hawkers cuisine. I found that the staff are really friendly there, I had the menu chosen for me as i was with hawkers cuisine veterans but I imagine that if it was your first time there the friendly staff would guide you through the menu. I recommend that everyone should go and try this place.
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