A few weeks ago i received a message on twitter from fellow food blogger foodie cravings, her and her husband have recently opened the latest Crust Pizza franchise in Mount Lawley. The message mentioned that they were rolling out a new menu and wanted to invite a few food bloggers to the restaurant to try out a few of the pizzas. I have to say that i didn’t hesitate at all in accepting the invite! I was looking forward to an afternoon of yummy food, delicious drinks and conversation about food.

When i got there it was a extremely hot day so the first order of the day was something nice and cool to drink! After a few sips of water the food started to come out! We started off with a couple of entrees, the first one was something that i will be copying at home!  It was simply a piece of prosciutto wrapped around a few leaves of rocket, some Parmesan and a little drizzle of balsamic glaze. So easy and so delicious!

The next pizza that i tried was the peri peri chicken pizza, while it was quite nice i found this pizza to be quite rich. I felt that it could have used a little bit less cheese but that is just my opinion.

Next up was my favourite pizza of the day, the schezuan prawn pizza. This was fantastic with decent sized prawns, a nice buzz of heat from the sliced chili and a little freshness from the capsicum and spring onions.

This was crust pizzas take on the club sandwich, but in pizza form! I thought that this was really yummy, I really love any pizza that has any kind of greenery sprinkled on top. I also liked the inclusion of fresh sliced tomato and avocado on the pizza!

This next pizza was a pizza that is part of their ‘upper crust’ range which is only available in one size. This is a waygu beef and prawn pizza, their version of the pub classic ‘surf and turf’. This actually worked really well together, the slightly braised taste of the beef was nice against the lightness of the prawns.

When i saw the next pizza come out i knew that one particular blogger would like this one. That blogger in question is Perth Munchkin, she is a massive duck fan and in her crust pizza post (found here) she had the following to say about it “It was really delicious and I am a self proclaimed duck fan……… the hoisin sauce does get a little sweet, so I’m not sure how much of this pizza I could eat, but a few slices would definitely be delicious.” I would have to agree with her sentiments, I found that the addition of bok choy on the pizza was really interesting.

The final pizza of the day was definitely the most decadent of the lot, this was the pork belly pizza! Thick slices of pork belly topped with rocket and a balsamic glaze. You can see in the above picture just how thick the slices of pork belly were! I stopped at one slice due to it’s richness however i really enjoyed this pizza.

I thought we were done eating for the day but Michelle and Joe had one last surprise up their sleeves for us, their rocky road calzone! Now i have a confession to make, I haven’t had any dessert pizzas before so this was completely uncharted territory to me. It did smell really good when i picked up a piece! However i made the mistake of forgetting to check how hot the pizza was, as soon as i took a bit i let out a loud sigh as the molten hot chocolate syrup filled my mouth! Once i could taste things again I really enjoyed the pizza but by this stage i was far too full from all the other pizza.

Overall it was a really fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my fellow food bloggers talking about good food while enjoying good food and thanks to Joe, Michelle and the wonderful staff at Crust Pizza in Mount Lawley for being such consummate hosts to us all!
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