For a belated birthday catch up I had decided to catch up with my good friends Sarah and Caleb. When it came time to decide where to go we knew that Caleb enjoyed a good pub meal so I started looking through urbanspoon for places to go to. I ended up deciding on the Inglewood hotel because it was in quite a handy location for us and also that their steak sandwich is meant to be quite highly revered.

When we first entered the pub it was a pretty balmy Saturday afternoon, thankfully in  the garden of the Inglewood hotel they have water mist jets that sporadically shoot water mist across the diners. This offered fantastic relief from the heat. We decided to start off the meal with a couple of ciders.

When we were looking through the menu the first thing that i pointed out to Sarah and Caleb was how reasonably priced everything was. They had a range of small plates that were 7 to 12 dollars and the large meals were 20 to 25 dollars, i found this very reasonable.

I decided to go for the Angus beef burger. When i go to a new pub i like to get a burger as its normally a good test if the rest of the kitchen serves up decent food. My first impressions of the burger were quite good, the pattie looked quite thick with a decent amount of greens. It was also a pretty tasty burger, while it wasn’t cooked to medium rare like jus burgers do i did find that the patty was quite juicy. The burger while tasty was actually overshadowed by the chips, they are some of the best chips that i have had in recent memory! They had a fantastic grainy texture that when fried caused them to go really really crispy.

Caleb ordered the steak sandwich and his thoughts were “It’s pretty tasty, the steak is cooked well but it doesn’t compare to the steak sandwich at the mundaring weir hotel.”

Sarah ordered the tandoori prawns which were on the small plates menu. Her opinion of these prawns were “They were pretty tasty and cooked well however i found they were a little overpriced and it was a very small serving. It could have done with a little salad to go along with it”

Overall we all enjoyed our time at the Inglewood hotel, it has a really relaxed atmosphere with reasonably priced food. If you lived in the area it would be a fantastic ‘pop in when we can’t be bothered cooking’ restaurant, however I don’t think that it stands out enough to warrant a trip there if you don’t live near by.

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