On Thursday it was my birthday. My mum and I had planned a little day out on the Friday where we would go shopping and do a little bit of lunch. We went to garden city and got the shopping out of the way, while we were shopping we discussed where to go for lunch. I mentioned that i just wanted something small and light as i was still not feeling the greatest after last nights dinner. My mum mentioned that there is a new branch that has opened up in cottesloe, we made our way there.

When we walked in I have to say that the decor really impressed me. A vast selection of wines filled the far wall, where on the right there was an open kitchen where you could see the various dishes being made. We sat down and looked at the tapas menu and this was the sort of menu that as soon as you look at it you know you are going to be getting a nice meal, this was a huge contrast to going to kitsch bar the evening before.

We ordered a few tapas plates and while we were waiting for those we received a beautifully crunchy baguette with some really good quality olive oil. This was a fantastic precursor to the meal and really got our appetites ready for the plates to come out.

The first plate we received was a sign that simple preparations of dishes are normally the best. This was some buffalo mozzarella that was served with a sprinkle of dill and some thinly sliced nectarines. Absolutely brilliant, the sweetness of the fruit really went well with the high quality cheese and didn’t take away any flavour from the cheese.

The next plate we received was a fantastic salad of rocket with poached pears, Persian feta and pine nuts. The smoothness of the Persian feta worked its way to coating all the leaves and pears. Another fantastic dish.

This is apparently the most famous dish at this location, a tomato tarte tatin. This was cooked perfectly so the pastry was tender and the tomato had a brilliant smokey quality to it.

For our last plate we had tempura whiting that was served with a fennel salad. The tempura batter was prepared perfectly so it was really crispy and light. The fish and the fennel was actually a really tasty combination to be enjoyed together.

I do realise that i have been gushing a bit in this review but it was honestly one of the best meals i have had in a long time. The previous night we went to Kitsch bar which in comparison was confusing and disjointed with a kitchen that doesn’t have a clear goal in the food that they serve. Lamont’s appeals to me because they believe that if you have good quality ingredients that they only require simple preparations to really bring out the flavours.

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