I had been meaning to catch up with A on Sunday. I was being slightly indecisive with what to do so i left it up to her to choose, her response was “why don’t we go to my favourite breakfast place, it’s this little place tucked in the outskirts of northbridge called tarts cafe”. I agreed on going there, normally I do as much research as possible before going to a restaurant but this time i decided to go to tarts without knowing anything about the menu.

As i walked up to tarts I got the idea that this wasn’t really a neighbourhood secret as the place was packed! We both got there and looked around for a place and luckily found out in the back section covered by beautiful greenery. I have to say that the setting felt like being in a backyard of someone’s house in the best possible way. There is something else I should mention about tarts cafe, I have seen cafes and restaurants that are entrepreneurial by offering little knick knacks for sale, however tarts takes it to a completely new level! In the few minutes that i was standing the dining area i noticed the following for sale; T2 tea sets, baby clothes, cook books, aprons, handbags and napoleon perdis makeup! I have to wonder how many sales a day they get from people, I feel that all the display cabinets etc. did get in the way of the dining room slightly.

As it was quite hot I wasn’t exactly in the mood for a coffee so i decided to go for one of my favourite soft drinks, a very refreshing blood orange soda.

I was left in charge of ordering A’s drink and i decided to get a ‘mix juice’ for her, A’s thoughts on her juice were “That it was quite fresh and tasty”

While i was looking at the menu i noticed that it was a fairly simple menu, however for breakfast simple is sometimes the best. I was torn between what to order but thankfully A helped me and I ended up choosing the wrap. When it arrived the smell of freshly cooked eggs got my appetite going, my thoughts on this dish were that the wrap was toasted quite nicely with a decent amount of eggs and crispy bacon. My only criticisms surrounding my wrap were that there was a little bruschetta mix but there needed to be more of it to boost the acidity a little, also i would have loved a good squirt of smokey BBQ sauce in the wrap however these are just nitpicking things.

A decided to go for an interesting option, the ‘potato head’. This is basically a potato rosti with spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Her thoughts on her breakfast were “Eggs were slightly over cooked and I would have liked more hollandaise. I enjoyed it, but i wished I got what i usually have and that is the scrambled special”

At the end of the day I liked Tarts cafe, on a deliciousness (I just made that word up) level it doesn’t reach the heights of the rose and crown¬†or Mrs S¬†however i really enjoyed the company and that backyard settingis definitely something that is completely unique.

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