Snags and sons is the latest venture from Justin Bell who is already well known around Perth for creating Jus Burgers. When I first heard about snags and sons i thought to myself “that is a great idea” because what Justin has done is he has realised that people like simple food, be it burgers or in this case hot dogs (done with a little bit of flair). Much like jus burgers, snags and sons focuses on locally sourcing ingredients and preparing them simply.

It was a Saturday morning and I was spending some time catching up with my parents and the subject of what to have for lunch came up, my mum had been wanting to go to snags and sons since it opened so we decided to go there. My initial impressions when i saw it was that the store is really small and cosy and rather than having tables, diners sit at these barrels (seen in the first photo) and enjoy their meal.

As i walked through the cafe having a look I noticed next to the counter there were some really fresh looking salads and i remember thinking to myself “those salads look really nice, I will have to get one to takeaway one time”. Looking through the menu there were a lot of things that i wanted, including the smoked kransky and the Italian salsicce.

I was craving lamb on this particular day so i ended up going for the lamb kefta which was lamb mince wrapped in flat bread with tzatziki, pomegranate molasses, rocket and mint. To be honest i didn’t get much of a hit of pomegranate and i also found it to be quite small. Those cons aside this was still pretty tasty!

My mum had the Toulouse Sausage and her thoughts on it were “I thought that the cheese added a nice richness but overall i found it was a quite small serving”

My dad had the Italian Salsicce and his thoughts were “it was alright, its not an Italian sausage though (the reason he said this was that there was a pretty distinct lack of spice and pepper in the sausage)”

We also ordered a couple of sides, after reading The food pornographers review of snags and sons i remember seeing the BBQ baked beans with large, plump butter beans and thinking to myself “they look really good” so i ordered them, the very friendly waiter the apologised saying “i’m sorry we don’t have any large beans, we will have to substitute small beans if that is okay”. Well i was extremely disappointed with what was at the table, it tasted exactly liked tinned baked beans with some spinach stirred through.

One of the other sides that we had was the baked potato with cheese and bacon, this is a side that i found to be fairly simple in terms of it literally contained what the menu said. In terms of flavours i found that it was nothing sensational, pretty much just something that you could easily make at home but it was still tasty because bacon and potatoes always taste good together.

Finally we finished off with a scotch egg, this scotch egg was actually really tasty. I loved the way that the egg had a slightly soft yolk that worked well with the salty pork meat.

This is the part of the post where i type up my opinions on snags and sons. I have to say that i wasn’t completely bowled over by snags and sons like a lot of people seem to have been. I feel that part of this is due to the fact that I am not a massive hot dog fan, I just found that for all the extra effort that Justin takes to source local ingredients etc. didn’t really come across in the flavours of the hot dogs. Looking back on my experience it is funny that i say that because with jus burgers i find that the local sourcing makes a massive difference in the flavour. I wouldn’t rush back to snags and sons but i feel that is mainly due to my previous comments regarding hot dogs in general and nothing to do with snags and sons.

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