I was at the parents house on the weekend and I decided to do a little bit of bonding with my dad and go and get a little bit of lunch. He mentioned to me that he wanted to go somewhere in malaga, as we drove down alexander drive looking for a place to go to we saw that there was a new restaurant that sits next to nandos. My dad really likes chinese bbq places so he thought that it would be worth a try.

As we walked in there on a Sunday lunch we were actually the only people in the restaurant. I wasn’t sure if this was due to the fact that the restaurant is new or if it’s because it wasn’t any good. I was hoping it would be the former. Looking at the menu it features a pretty standard list of rice/noodle combinations and all the barbeque meats hanging up on the far wall which happen to get my appetite going.

I asked for advice from the extremely friendly wait staff on what to order and she suggested trying the hor fun with beef. When it had arrived it had the pleasant aroma of smoke that is a sign these were cooked in a seriously hot wok. In terms of ingredients it was nothing special, it was just tender beef, bean sprouts and hor fun noodles.

My dad had the laksa and his opinion was “Good” he required a little more coaxing to provide a more descriptive review and i managed to get him to say “there is a lot of flavour in the broth”. I tried a little bit of the broth and i agree that it was pretty tasty but my favourite part of the laksa was the way the pieces of tofu soaked up the laksa gravy.

There seems to be a few good Asian restaurants around the ballajura/morley area now. This is another restaurant that I will have to keep in mind when i am north of the river. As we were leaving i had a serious case of food envy as i saw a table get a plate of roast pork delivered, it looked pretty great so i made a mental note that “i have to try that next time i come here”


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