A and I were pretty hungry one morning so i said to her “lets go out and get some breakfast”. The subject of where to go came up and she said that she remembered someone saying that boho espresso in Scarborough serves quite nice food. As we made our way there I also remembered hearing some people saying nice things about it too.

As we entered the cafe I really liked all the decor and layout there. There was a really open courtyard with plants at each table which i thought was a really nice touch. Another thing that i noticed was how relaxed I felt, If i had the time I could definitely spend a few hours just relaxing there and drinking my coffee.

We started with our coffees which we both agreed were served at a perfect temperature and the coffee beans they use had a lovely vibrant flavour to them.

They don’t really have a menu when you go there, it’s just a blackboard on the far wall which features typical breakfast choices such as a big breakfast, eggs Benedict etc. Boho also suits people that are in a rush and just want to grab something to take away as there is a lovely display of really fresh looking salads and rolls available.

After much contemplating i decided to go for the bacon and egg focaccia. It took a little while to arrive but to be honest I didn’t mind as i already had my coffee and was just enjoying conversation and the atmosphere. When my focaccia arrived the first thing that i noticed about it was how much bacon there was in there! It tasted absolutely delicious! One of the best breakfasts i have had in a long time, crispy, salty bacon worked really well with the runny cheese that was soaked up by the fresh bread. Another thing that took me by surprise was how much i enjoyed the side salad, I was expecting more of a token salad but i really really enjoyed this!

A went for the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham and her thoughts on it were “I thought that it tasted a lot better than dome, a really tasty breakfast however my one criticism is that it would have been nicer if they added a touch more hollandaise sauce.”

Overall i really enjoyed boho espresso, I found it to be a fantastic atmosphere and someone that I would go back to in a second. While typing up this review i contemplated if i would rate it as my favourite breakfast place in perth (a title that is previously held by The Rose & Crown) but I have to give it a very close second. The only reason that the Rose & Crown wins out is they have these absolutely fantastic hashbrowns, that being said I will defnitely be back to boho for more food.

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