Before i get to the breakfast part of this review i have a little story to tell. The night before i was using the hotel wifi to look around and find a place to have breakfast the following morning. On google maps i saw that there is a jetty that is a bit like canary wharf where there are restaurants, bars and different things like that. That sounded fantastic so in my head i thought “This will be great, I will go for a little walk, have a great breakfast on the jetty looking over the straits of melaka and it will be a beautiful thing.”

At 7:30 i get ready and head out in search of breakfast. The weather was slightly drizzly so i was hoping that i would get to the jetty before the inevitable Malaysian downpour. I found the holiday inn melaka which was the landmark i was using, then I turned around the corner past the holiday inn and saw the jetty and my i shook my head and laughed at myself.

The jetty was completely deserted!! As you can see in the above picture every single cafe was closed and there was absolutely no-one there. So the jetty must be a strictly nighttime affair. Rather than being disheartened i actually found it quite amusing. I was still pretty hungry thought so I decided to trust the Malaysian peoples love of food and hope i stumble across another bit of amazing food.

I saw in the distance this place that looked like a typical Malaysian spot for breakfast. As i entered I noticed that this was a really efficient place, it would be a perfect place to quickly run in and grab something take away and head off. If you can see the green packets on the table, they are called ‘otak otak’ and is a fish mousse that is steamed in banana leaves. One look at the menu and my stomach had already decided what i was going to order..

I decided to go for the nasi lemak, one of my favourite breakfasts of all time and this didn’t disappoint. The first thing that i test when i order nasi lemak is see how good the sambal is and this one was fantastic with a nice richness of the tomato that went with the spiciness of the chilli. The other components of the nasi lemak were also really tasty, all in all it was another meal that made me appreciate being in Malaysia.

After i finished my breakfast i slowly sipped my iced coffee and relaxed while i planned what my next meal would be.