This is a place that i have been pretty excited about for a while. It all started when i was on my holiday in Singapore, I was checking out my twitter to see what was going on in Perth while i was overseas and i saw a lot of people talking about a particular place in Perth called mama trans. So i asked google for advice and it mentioned that it was a new noodle place that has opened up less than a 5 minute walk from my work! This could be interesting.

This is actually my second time to mama tran, the first time i went i was so impressed that i called my noodle partner in crime P and mentioned that we have to try out this new noodle place. As we enter the cafe we are greeted with a sea of people. Word of mouth has definitely gotten around as this cafe was packed! I stand there for a moment as the smell of garlic, lemongrass and fish sauce wafts over the cafe as i hear lots of people talking loudly and having a great time. This was another indicator that i was going to enjoy a fantastic meal.

One thing that i find interesting about mama tran is that its not strictly a cafe that serves Vietnamese food but there is also a small market section where you can buy ingredients. In the photo above you can see mints, fish sauce and tins of spam however they also stock things like rice noodles, frozen foods and fresh greens.

While we wait for our food to arrive we drank our vietnamese iced coffee. They are delicious and very refreshing if you are eating something particularly spicy.

Looking over the menu there was a lot of things that i wanted to try, I eventually decided to go for the special which was a cold noodle salad topped with grilled beef. I found that for the price i was paying the beef was actually of quite good quality and i really enjoyed the spices that were rubbed onto the beef prior to cooking. I also felt that the acidity and freshness of the cold noodle salad matched well against the oiliness of the beef.

P ordered the raw beef noodle soup and his thoughts on the dish were “I thought that the noodles were cooked well and the beef was of pretty decent quality but the stock was lacking a little something, I’m not sure what exactly but the stock just tasted slightly dull.”

Overall i was quite happy with my meal from mama tran and i will be back again. One thing that i like about mama tran is they have a very simple menu with only 10-15 items on there but the times that are on there are ones that they do incredibly well. While I don’t think it’s as good as Tra Vinh I still find it really tasty and incredibly convenient for me.
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