I was discussing with A the idea of going somewhere on a date night on a Saturday. I decided to take the initiative and choose a place that would be a complete surprise to her. Unfortunately i left the selection process a little late and the places that I wanted to go were already booked out. I ended up choosing Beaufort st merchant, would my second grade choice end up being a first grade restaurant?

The first thing that i noticed about the Beaufort st merchant was the atmosphere when i walked in. Atmosphere is something that i haven’t really discussed on the blog before but I feel that this restaurant had a fantastic European atmosphere to it. I also want to make a note and say that the service staff were incredibly helpful, we had one waitress that looked after our section and she did a fantastic job.

To start off with I had a Sierra Nevada porter which is brewed on the outskirts of Reno in Nevada, this beer had fantastic oak qualities of a traditional porter but was slightly lighter tasting so I felt that it matched with the food better that traditional porter. The way you order drinks at the Beaufort St Merchant is slightly different because they have their own bottle shop. So you walk to the bottle shop at the back of the store and pick your bottle of wine/beer that you like then you bring it back to your table. After the meal they scan in the beer you had then add a nominal fee for corkage. A brought up a good point that was it would be easy to just pick up a beer and carry it out, however the system seems to work well on a basis of trust.

Looking over the menu the food comprises of a lot of pub favourites. We decided to get a few things and share them between the two of us. The first thing that arrived was a tasting plate for one, this consisted of the following;
- Baguette: the bread was absolutely fantastic, it came to the table quite warm and crispy.
- Baked ricotta: I am not the biggest fan of eating ricotta by itself so i would have preferred a more flavourful cheese to be on the board.
- Olives: I was loving the olives, they were fantastic and matched really well with the rich porter.
- Tzaziki: Tzaziki is always a winner and this went really well with the warm baguette. 6/10

Up next was a bowl of skin on fries with a rich aioli. I am not normally the biggest fan of fries but i really enjoyed these ones as they still had the skin on which added a lot of flavour, plus the aioli was really yummy. 8/10

The final thing that we ordered was a prawn and avocado salad. This was another dish that i really enjoyed, the prawns were well seasoned and grilled so they were nice and smokey. Then the mixture of the rich creamy avocado with crisp spinach is always a winner. 7/10

A thoughts on the Beaufort st merchant were “I found the waitress was really friendly and informative. The prawns were tasty and the salad was fresh i just wish there was more of it.”

I really enjoyed the beaufort st merchant, I found that it was a place that felt really relaxing and i will definitely be back. As we were on the way home I thought to myself that Beaufort st would have to be my favourite street in Perth in terms of restaurants, there are just so many great places to try out.

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