I have often wondered what is behind the immense wooden doors that hide rockpool. Whenever i walk past while i am at the burswood i picture slabs of meat and butter lying around the restaurant. Thanks to A I was finally able to see if my thoughts were true.

Once we opened the doors we were greeted with a candlelit walkway, as we walked along I glanced to the right and saw something amazing. In between the candles there were glass windows which proudly display dry aged steaks. The dark intense brown of the steak really got my appetite going.

We were greeted by the extremely friendly staff who led us off to a table, my first impressions were that the place is incredibly professional, this isn’t your local cafe. Everything from the waiters wearing suits to perfectly polished glassware on display, this was offset by an open kitchen which covers the entire left hand side of the restaurant. I found it fascinating watching the chefs prepare our meals.

While we were deciding what to eat we received some complementary bread and hand churned butter. The butter was amazing, rich with a perfect hit of sea salt while the bread reminded me of classic Italian bread being quite dense and crunchy. Looking at the menu there was so much to choose from, I am pretty sure that i would be happy with anything off the extensive menu. 8/10

For my starter i was deciding between getting the roasted squid or the sweetbreads, I asked A for advice and she suggested that i go for the sweetbreads. I was wondering what these were going to be like as i have only had sweetbreads deep fried before and these were sauteed. When it arrived i was impressed with the time taken on presentation, even down to little things like tiny perfectly cracked marron claws. The sweetbreads were absolutely fantastic, they were sauteed so they weren’t tough at all while having a little crust on the outside. Also to those of you that are squeamish about offal, these sweetbreads just have a beautiful veal flavour. Then there was the pure decadence of putting a massive poached marron tail in the middle. Fantastic. 10/10

A decided to go for the chilli calamari that was served with a romesco sauce. Her thoughts on her dish was “I found the calamari wasn’t at all rubbery.”

After about 40 minutes of thrilling conversation our mains came and i was extremely happy with my choice. I knew i was coming to rockpool, I knew i was having the steak and it was just narrowing down which steak I would go for. I am a firm believer of the fact that meat always tastes better when it is cooked on the bone so i went for the rib eye on the bone served medium rare. When the dish was placed in front of me i knew instantly that this would be a good meal, I loved that it was all about the steak and that there were no condiments or garnishes on the plate. As i tasted my first bite of the steak i was blown away, it was such an intense beef flavour that i instantly knew this was the best steak i have ever had. 10/10

A’s main course was goats cheese gnocchi with king prawns and her thoughts was “The prawn and goats cheese ravioli melted in my mouth”

To go with our mains we ordered a couple of sides, A and I both found that these were incredibly reasonably priced. They were between 9 and 12 dollars. The first of the sides that we had was the mac and cheese. I was instantly impressed with how appetizing this dish looked served in a beautiful copper dish. The taste matched the appearance with a beautiful salty flavour from the addition of bacon. The thing that impressed me the most (which is a first for any baked pasta dish i have had) was that the pasta was still served al dente. 9/10

The second side we ordered was roasted sweet potato and pumpkin which was served with a garlic yoghurt, my first impressions of this was that it was really garlicky! Once i got to taste the vegetables I found them to be fantastic, A and I both liked the crispy skin that was left on the pumpkin as it was roasted. Unfortunately this didn’t get finished as we were already really full from our previous dishes. 8/10

As i mentioned in the previous paragraph we were pretty full but we decided that since rockpool is a one off experience that we would order dessert. I was all ready to order a cognac to finish the meal however the smooth talking waiter convinced me to try rockpools in-house made limoncello. This was the only thing i didn’t love of the meal. I just found that it tasted like gin and lemon juice, there was very little complexity to it. 6/10

A decided to get a proper desert and ordered a green apple sorbet which was served with and i was stunned by the presentation of this dish. A commendation to the waiter who managed to carry the sorbet from the tray to the table without them tipping over. A’s thoughts on this dessert was “The sorbet really tasted like fresh green apples and the ginger and cream cannoli balanced nicely against the sorbet.”

I really enjoyed rockpool. When i think of fine dining restaurants i notice that they go one of two ways, either in the classic french haute coture style of perfectly arranged items with accurately placed drops of sauce. Then there is the other way where they go out of the way to get their food from the best possible suppliers and do as little as possible to it (rockpool falls into this category). I have always been a fan of the latter and that is why rockpool is the best restaurant i have ever been to.

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