I have been to the red cray a few times before and i have always left there feeling quite satisfied so when my mum had planned a family get together at the red cray i was looking forward to seeing if they have maintained their standards.

One of the best parts about the red cray is the service, It has always been really helpful and friendly and when I first walked in I immediately knew that the service hadn’t slipped with a very friendly waiter guiding us to our table. One thing I noticed as we walked to the table is that this place was really packed on a Tuesday night! Also the tables and chairs weren’t spaced apart that far so i did notice that it was a little bit noisy when sitting down. Another thing that I did notice when i sat down was how much i liked the light fittings that you can see in the picture above.

Looking at the menu most of it is pretty seafood based with an italian influence, however there is a small selection of curries available (which someone from work said were very nice!). For entree we decided to go to with the garlic bread and i was really quite impressed! I was enjoying how fluffly the bread was and that it wasn’t soaked in butter like garlic bread is when you order it sometimes.7/10

We were off to a good start and after a 20 minute wait or so our main meals arrived, I ordered the surf and turf. Surf and turf isn’t something that I would normally order in a restaurant as I find that the garlic sauce doesn’t really go well with the steak so I was hoping that this would change my opinion. I have to say that it hasn’t changed my opinion but i did find my dinner pretty delicious. The prawns were well cooked with a nice garlic flavour going through them. The moreton bay bug was slightly overcooked but it did still have a lot of flavour. While i was enjoying the rest of the seafood my steak had continued to cook a little bit so when i got to eating it the temperature has move up to more of a medium. There was a nice crust was still really tender. 8/10

A and my mum had ordered the Herb crusted Barramundi with scallops and potatoes and their opinions were “I really liked this dish, I especially liked the flavour of the herb crust on top.”

S had the grilled half lobster (which is very good value at $36) and her opinion of it was “The crayfish was a little bit overcooked and there wasn’t enough sauce but the salad was delicious.

We still had a little room for dessert so i finished up the meal with a pistachio gelato. While i would have liked a few more nuts in the gelato i did find it a simple and creamy way to finish a delicious meal. 7/10

When i think back i really enjoyed my meal at the red cray, everything was really tasty and the service was great with really reasonable prices. If i only had one criticism to make its that it was fairly noisy there. That being said, I will definitely be back to the red cray to enjoy more delicious seafood.

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