How i found myself at the burger shack in Perth was through facebook. I put up a photo and one of my friends Z commented saying that she works just around the corner from me. Some emails were exchanged back and forth and we decided to catch up for lunch and she suggested the burger shack across the road from her work. I had a quick look on urbanspoon and saw that it had a pretty good rating so we decided to try it out.

As we walked in we were greeted with staff that were very friendly but at the same time relaxed (in a good way of course), I suppose the service was pretty similar to if you were at a good friends house. When we arrived at 12:30 on a Friday the place was packed! We had to sit at the bar for a little bit while they got our table ready.

Looking over the menu i found that everything seemed to have really fun and interesting names like the ‘spud delight burger’ and the ‘sweet piggy’ burger. We both made our selections and we decided to share a regular fries between us. If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that i am not the biggest fan of fries however i did find these pretty delicious! They were a nice and chunky size with some delicious roasted garlic and herb bits sprinkled over the top. 8/10

A few minutes later out burgers arrived, when they arrived Z came up with the suggestion of cutting them in half so we would each get to try some. I went for the Chilli burger which was a beef patty with roasted red capsicums, sliced fresh chillies and pickled jalapenos. When i ordered this I was asked what heat level i would like my chilli out of mild, hot and very hot. I decided to go for the hot and it already packed a bit of a punch! However it has got me wondering what the very hot will taste like! In terms of the actual burger i quite liked the bun however i felt that the patty was overcooked (this is a common fault with gourmet burger places, jus burgers is the only one i have found that cooks burgers to a medium or medium rare). The other half that i had was a beef burger with egg, bacon and cheese topped with barbeque sauce. I preferred the hot burger to this one however i did find that they were fairly generous with the bacon. 7/10 for the Chilli burger, 6/10 for the egg and bacon burger

Z’s thoughts on her two halves of the burgers were “I thought the chilli burger was really spicy! I did find it tasty though. The other half was rich but really tasty. I found both of the burgers had a nice bun but they were on the small side.”

Even though the burgers still aren’t as good as jus burgers i do still find that they are quite tasty but the thing i really liked about this place was the atmosphere. As we were leaving i noticed that they also do a constant $6 beer special (when we were there it was Heineken) which in the face of rising beer prices is a very welcome addition, I will definitely return for the $6 beers and maybe the very hot burger too.

The Shack on Urbanspoon