I often find that food brings people together and this was no exception. Some of my very good friends T and R wanted to Meet A. Emails and messages were sent around and West End Deli was decided upon for dinner. Now West End Deli seems to be another restaurant that garners a lot of buzz in the media, it seems that every other day when i check my twitter and instagram accounts people are uploading yummy photos. This is where social media excels, it helps pique my interest in a particular restaurant.

What was wasn’t prepared for is the design, the name is west end deli but i never made the connection of what the deli part in the name means. Originally on this site there was a deli until the current owners bought it and turned it into a restaurant. Walking in i immediately notice the bare brick walls and the quirky decor, then off to the left i see a completely open kitchen where the six chefs seem to be working like a well oiled machine.

As we sit down I look over the menu and i am pleased with what i see, I really enjoy that the menu is quite small, there are just four entrees and four main courses. There seems to be a lot of anticipation to try the desserts, so we decide to go with ordering just mains and dessert. While we are looking over the menu we notice that a complimentary amuse bouche arrives at our table, normally i prefer something acidic for an amuse bouche but these potato and pea samosas were still quite tasty.

Next up we received a few slices of a freshly baked baguette that was served with butter. I could tell that this bread was of a nice quality and I enjoyed snacking on this while we laugh and tell stories.

It seems that steak was the hit of the night with three of the five people choosing steak. The steak was simply grilled, served with crispy potato cylinders and then a jus was lusciously draped over the top. My sister had the steak and her opinions were It needed more salt , however there was no salt and pepper at the table. This begs the question of does the chef think that the dish already arrives perfectly seasoned so it’s impolite to ask for salt and pepper? Which i personally find quite insulting. She also thought that the gravy wasn’t thick enough as half of it went down her dress!

A went for the fish which was a piece of snapper that was served with a mussel and tomato garnish. Her thoughts on this particular dish were that each individual item had a lot of flavour.

I went for the free range pork which was served three ways, you had a beautifully cooked pork loin that still had the slightest hint of pink on the inside, a strong tasting piece of pork belly and some crispy crackling surrounding the place. Accompanying this was a scallop and barramundi sausage and some celeriac mash. I found my main really tasty, the thing that impressed me the most about my main course was the fact that each individual component of the dish was cooked to perfection, nothing on the plate was under or overcooked. Having said that I do find that this dish was a fairly safe choice for lack of a better word, I just found that this was a simple (very well prepared) Sunday lunch dish when if it was just had a couple of little tweaks that could elevate it to be a really memorable dish.

As we were enjoying our main courses the very friendly waiter came over and presented us with a fresh salad and some baked fennel that was topped with cheese. I really like the touch of supplying us with a couple of sides for free and i enjoyed the fennel being baked. I found that baking the fennel took away a little bit of the bitterness. A really enjoyed these sides too.

Next up came the desserts and three of the guests again ordered the same thing, in this case it is what might be known as west end delis signature dish, As you can see in the picture above there is a small glass of cheesecake served with a tube saying ‘squeeze me’ as you squeeze the tube over the cheesecake you are greeted with an incredibly rich salted caramel. The surprises don’t end there as when you take a bit you discover that the top layer of the cheesecake has pop rocks incorporated that pop in your head! This was a completely bizarre experience (in a wonderful way!)
A had this dessert and her thoughts were that it was flavoursome and really interesting.

T went for the chocolate tart which I have to admit looked really good!

I am always a fan of finishing dessert with a nice cheese board so i decided to give that a try at west end deli. I have to admit that when the dish arrived i was completely disappointed. What i expected were some thick chunks of cheese served classically with some thick cut bread. What i got were a few slices of sweaty cheese with some bread that didn’t really satisfy.

I enjoyed west end deli, I just love that fantastic food like this is in a suburban street in north perth. I think the biggest thing that i brought away from west end deli is that it’s definitely a place to impress, so if anyone who is reading this is thinking of a romantic place to take your partner you could do far worse than choose west end deli.
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