I have recently moved house and I am now residing in the north of the river. This has opened up a whole new world of dining experiences to me. I am going to explore and maybe find some hidden gems in suburbia. The first place I tried after moving house was suggested by A, she said “why don’t we do some shopping at drovers and maybe get some breakfast from leapfrogs cafe”. This was a plan that I was more than on board for.

Walking into leapfrogs I was quite impressed, as you walk through the terracotta building you are greeted with a lovely al fresco area that is surrounded by lush greenery. In terms of atmosphere leapfrogs gets a big tick, unfortunately it doesn’t get a big tick in terms of customer service. There seemed to be no hustle from the wait staff, initially i thought that leapfrogs may have been a cafe where you go up to a counter to order as i didn’t see anyone’s orders being taken. Eventually a waiter came over and we placed our orders.

We started with some drinks, neither of us were particularly feeling like we needed a caffeine fix so we went for some cold options. I went for a sparkling water which i felt went well with my surroundings. A had a freshly squeezed apple juice and her thoughts were “I thought it was lovely and fresh and it inspired me to make some juice myself.”

After about a 15 minute wait our breakfasts arrived, I had ordered the scrambled eggs and a side of chipolatas. I was immediately disappointed when i tried some of the scrambled eggs, they were fairly dry but the biggest disappointment was that they were prepared using absolutely zero seasoning so they were incredibly bland. I tried adding some salt on after but it’s not the same as when you add salt and pepper while the eggs are cooking. Also i found the chipolatas to be very dry, as if they had been resting on a bain marie for a while. The other thing that we noticed was that we didn’t receive any sauce with our meal, I had to go up and collect my own. I didn’t like my breakfast. 2/10

A ordered the ‘vegalicious’ which was a little bit of a vegetable stack situation with spinach, feta, mushrooms and eggs. What set this apart from your regular vegetable stack was that it had a napoletana pasta sauce draped over the food. A’s thoughts on this dish were “the sauce completely overpowered the dish and made all the ingredients soggy, the feta ended up being a lumpy puree and i didn’t enjoy my breakfast at all.”

Upon reflection I am trying to reason with why we didn’t like our meal. One way I was looking at it was that the food may be a afterthought. They do have a popular mini golf course, so maybe the owners spend most of their attention on running the mini golf course and when they have a free second they might overlook some of the food. Another thing is that there is a lot of competition for breakfast choices in wanneroo/joondalup that serve tastier food.

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