We had been meaning to check out Five bar for a while so it was a cold and rainy Sunday that we decided to go to lunch at Five Bar. As soon as i entered the bar i knew it would be a good meal. I knew this because i was pretty damp and when i entered the waitstaff took great care of me finding me a table and suggesting a beautiful cup of Chai, this really hit the spot while I waited for A to arrive.

When A arrived we had a quick little recap of what we both thought of the decor. I really liked the decor, I found that on this cold and rainy day it did a great job of making me feel homely and warm. A’s thoughts on the decor were “It had a really relaxed vibe, lots of places seem to be attempting the feeling of being in a living room. Some miss the mark where I think five bar gets it right.”

After looking over the menu there were so many things that I wanted to order! I thought “I better have a nice beer while i ponder the menu”. This brings me to another thing that i love about five bar, The staff are actually knowledgeable about different types of alcohol. I said that i was looking for a dark beer to warm me up on this cold day and the bartender recommended a fantastic porter from feral brewery.

The first thing to arrive were our chips. These were served with a curry mayonnaise, I found the chips fantastic for a number of reasons. I liked them because because the skin was on which added a lot of flavour plus there was some nice coarse sea salt on the potatoes. I thought the curry mayonnaise was interesting but not as great as those chips. A really enjoyed the curry mayonnaise. 8/10

I was pretty excited when i saw the next dish arrive at the table. This was the highly acclaimed open roast beef sandwich. When it arrived i was pretty pleased at the size. The flavour was also fantastic, the beef had a decent amount of seasoning and the bread was toasty and still warm. However i think my favourite thing was the coleslaw, it wasn’t drowned in dressing and had a nice finish of some finely shredded herbs. 9/10

A went for the crumbed chicken open sandwich and her thoughts were “It was exactly what i felt like on a cold wintery day. The seasoning on the chicken was really tasty and it was a generous serving that could easily be shared between two.”

Finally I think there may have been a little bit of confusion in the kitchen as I had also ordered a bowl of soup however this arrived 20 minutes after the rest of the food had arrived. This is a small inconsistency that i didn’t think too much about. The actual soup was really tasty with the bitterness of fennel going well with the starch of the potato, there was also a nice bit of creaminess going on. 7/10

I really liked five bar, while none of the menu items were particulary revolutionary all of the ingredients where incredibly tasty. Another thing that i liked about five bar is that its a place where there is clearly passion behind the varieties of alcohol they serve. My final thing that impressed me is that it’s a place that you can easily share a bottle of bottle of wine with someone and let the afternoon fall away. This won’t be my last time to five bar.


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