SONY DSCA found a deal online the other day that she surprised me with. The deal was for $50 dollars worth of sushi from a place called munchies sushi. I hadn’t heard of munchies sushi before so i went on google to do a little bit of research. It turns out that munchies sushi hadn’t been opened very long. I decided to go into this meal knowing very little about the restaurant to surprise myself.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCIts a fairly hidden restaurant as its nestled at the end of a small alley on beaufort street. We enter the restaurant and i notice that there is only seating for about 15-20 people. This gave the restaurant a fantastic cosy feel. After we placed our orders for dinner i asked politely asked the waitress if i could take photos of the chefs which they obliged to. I really enjoyed watching the chefs prepare the sushi to order in front of you. I noticed that all the sushi looked quite fresh as it was being prepared.


SONY DSCFirstly our order of drinks came, i had a calpis water and A went for a ginger beer. I hadn’t had calpis water so i randomly ordered to see what it was like. It wasn’t great, it tasted a little like watery milk that has had a slight bit of carbonation added. The ginger beer on the other side of the table looked far more appealing.

SONY DSCThe first dish we ordered arrived after a short wait. We decided to start things off with a bowl of agedashi tofu. This was classically Japanese and thoroughly delicious. I loved the saltiness of the sauce against the soft tofu. Really great. 8/10

SONY DSCAfter around a ten minute we received the first sushi roll we ordered and this was a roll with soft shell crab, iceberg lettuce topped with a white sesame sauce. The first thing that i noticed was the size! These sushi rolls are a fair bit wider than your standard sushi rolls. As i took a bite of one i tasted some delicious freshly fried crab, the next thing i tasted was the iceberg lettuce. This caused my brain to become a little bit confused as i thought “alright i am eating sushi but i am tasting iceberg lettuce”. After a couple more pieces i started to enjoy this. 7/10

SONY DSCThe second sushi roll that we had for the night was the seasonal special which was a fried piece of chicken and prawn wrapped in a sushi roll and topped with coriander and mango. I really enjoyed the mango in this dish, it went fantastically with the sushi. I did feel that the chicken was unnecessary as the other flavours were quite bold and masked the taste of the chicken. This was a really delicious sushi roll. 6/10

A’s thoughts on her dinner were “I would definitely go back, I like that it was made fresh. There were some interesting combinations of ingredients that i haven’t had in sushi before.”

As we were finishing the last of our sushi the chef came over and chatted to us for a little bit about what we thought about our meals and it went into a little bit more specific detail than the standard “how was your meal”. I found this my favourite part of the meal as it proves that the people working there are passionate about the food they serve. I would like to go back again to try more things as their menu is quite varied.

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