A turned to me on a Monday after I got home from work and said to me “How about I pick you up after work take you out for a surprise dinner on Wednesday night?” I love supposes and thought that this was a fantastic idea!

So I was picked up by A and we headed to this mystery location. I was making guesses along the way depending on what street we were on at the time. When I saw A get off the freeway at the Belmont park on ramp to head towards crown casino I knew exactly where we were headed to. The Merrywell would be an interesting place to try as its part of massive redevelopment and re branding that the Burswood has recently gone under.

SONY DSCAs i walked into the Merrywell I can definitely see that crown have invested a lot of money in this pub, there are lot of small seating areas spread out throughout the pub where each one has its own feel. Another thing that I noticed was that everyone looked like they were smiling and having a great time, this made me feel fairly confident that I was going to get a great meal.

SONY DSCWe had a drink to look over the menus and decide what we wanted to order. I ordered a James squire 150 lashes which was a delicious pale ale and A had a James squire cider, her thoughts on that were “The cider was nice and refreshing.”. One thing that I did notice when we ordered our drinks is that they were served in old style mugs, This did a great job of keeping the beer cold as we weren’t holding onto the glass to drink. What an ingenious idea!

SONY DSC SONY DSCAfter a very short wait the first of our dishes arrived. When I first saw the menu months back when the Merrywell first opened one item stood out to me to order, now that i am at the Merrywell I knew it would be a no brainer to order. I had to have the Fried chicken with a honey glaze that was served with red velvet waffles and a maple syrup cream. When the dish arrives in front of you it looks quite impressive, I took my first bite of the chicken and while I was expecting a hit of sweetness I got masses of rosemary. I don’t remember seeing rosemary in the description but I could taste rosemary far more than I could taste honey. Next I tried some of the chicken and waffles together and it works pretty well! I liken it to how bacon goes really well with bacon. There were great flavours going on here.

The next dish that we ordered was the chopped salad that was served with falafel. I really liked this too, I found that there was a nice crispness to all the vegetables that went well with the creamy dressing. I would have liked the falafel to have a little bit more spice but other than that it was all very tasty. A’s thoughts on this salad were “I really enjoyed the flavours but I thought there could have been a few more falafel in it. Suitable as a side more than a main meal.”

SONY DSCNext up we had some garlic bread that was served in a really nice cast iron bowl. The thing that I liked about this garlic bread was how there wasn’t a huge amount of butter used in making it. This left the garlic bread being fairly light and it meant that I could taste the Parmesan that it was topped with even more. A’s thoughts on the garlic bread were “Really great garlic bread, I would definitely order this again. I liked the cheese on top of the bread.”

SONY DSCFinally A ordered the lettuce cups that were topped with tempura prawns. Her thoughts on these were “These are a favourite! I really enjoy the flavours, they a nice and fresh with lots of different textures.”

The Merrywell is certainly a very slick operation and I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere when I was there. Looking at the other tables it seems that the menu definitely does lean towards the richer side in terms of food but I think we balanced the ordering between richness and freshness perfectly. I will definitely be back to try more food from the Merrywell.

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