SONY DSCMy mum and I during the week had decided to plan a little shopping day out on Saturday. We were going to go to midland for a few things and then go into Kalamunda and have a little walk around. I have to admit that every time I go to Kalamunda I am surprised by how serene it is. It really is the sort of place that is locked in a time warp (in a nice way of course).

When we got to Kalamunda it was nearly lunchtime, so after a little bit of walking around we decided to find somewhere to have lunch. There were a few options but we weren’t sure if they were any good, so I asked my friend Chantal for reccomendations and she suggested a place called forest cafe which is on Haynes street. It was quite easy to spot so we decided to give it a go.

SONY DSCI mentioned in my previous paragraph the fact that Kalamunda is in a time warp and this is a prime example. from the plastic wood door handles to the community notice board near the counter this place looks like it hasn’t been touched from a style point of view in about 10 years. When we looked at the menu we noticed that it covered quite a large range of items, from the usual salads and rolls to things like fish pie and chicken biryani.

SONY DSCAs we sat down outside it wasn’t very long until our orders arrived, my mum ordered a cappuccino and her opinion of it was “It was alright, just a run of the mill cappuccino”

SONY DSCFor her lunch she had decided to go with a lunch bar classic. Turkish bread with chicken, avocado and lettuce. Her thoughts on it were “It was pretty tasty, the bread was of a nice quality.”

SONY DSCI decided to go with the turkey Turkish bread, this came with a filling of cream cheese, slices of deli-style turkey and artichoke hearts. I found that the bread was toasted perfectly but there was something that was missing. Maybe it could have used some seasoning or a little bit of chilli but the whole thing just tasted a bit bland. 5/10

Overall I quite enjoyed the Forest Cafe, I mean there are a lot better cafes around and the food wasn’t anything special but I quite liked the atmosphere of sitting on the decking in Kalamunda where u didn’t feel rushed to leave.

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