SONY DSCIt was mine and A’s 11 month anniversary. This was something that I was over the moon about as A makes me extremely happy. Something that we have started doing recently is that every month we will take each other out for dinner to somewhere that is a surprise. It was my turn and I spent a long time looking on urbanspoon for the perfect place to take A. That is when Amarin Thai popped into my mind.

SONY DSCAmarin Thai is one of those hidden places that you really have to know about, it is hidden above a shopping centre. As we sat down I looked around and noticed that we were the only people in the restaurant, this changed over the course of the evening. Another thing that I noticed was the decor looks like it hasn’t changed in about 20 years with wine glasses wrapped in napkins and dark iron furniture, this is just the kind of decor that suits awesome Asian food.

SONY DSC SONY DSCA started with a refreshing lemon, lime and bitters and I had a sparkling water. Amarin thai do offer BYO but neither of us really felt like alcohol.

SONY DSCWe placed our orders with the very friendly wait staff and after a short wait our entrees came out. My sister has been here many times and she swears by the chicken in pandan leaf. The chicken is wrapped around pandan leafs and then slowly braised, this results in chicken that is incredibly tender with the flavour of pandan leaves which goes through the meat. A’s thoughts on this entrée were “I didn’t find that it had a huge amount of flavour in it and the chicken was slightly rubbery. ” 7/10

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe second entrée that we had was the tuna salad. This salad was really light and fresh tasting, I really enjoyed that they were generous with the coriander and peanuts. Another fantastic thing about this salad was the fact that there were spicy prawn crackers to go with the salad, these were nice as they weren’t quite as greasy as normal prawn crackers. A’s thought on the tuna salad were “This was really fresh, it had a lot of clean flavours going on. This was definitely something that I would order again. ” 8/10

SONY DSCAfter we finished our entrees we received the rice for our main courses. I really enjoyed that the rice was served in a brass goblet. I picked up the lid of the rice and noticed that it was heavy! This was a really nice luxurious touch to the restaurant.

SONY DSCThe first main course that we had ordered arrived and these were the tamarind prawns. These were prawns that were deep fried and then they were coated in a fantastic sauce. I have no idea what was going on in the sauce apart from tamarind but it was absolutely fantastic! I loved how the sauce had a wonderful sourness to it. I also have to mention how fantastic the prawns were cooked, The prawns were super juicy! A’s thoughts on the tamarind prawns were “Loved the prawns! Perfect amount of heat and the prawns were cooked nicely. I would definitely order this again. ” 9/10

SONY DSCThe other main course that we ordered was the Thai omelette. This omelette was packed with veggies and minced chicken and served with a tasty chilli sauce. While I thought that this omelette was tasty I did feel that it was a pretty safe choice, the flavours didn’t set my taste buds alight. A’s thoughts on the omelette were “The omelette was okay however most of my focus was on the prawns so I only had a little bit of the omelette. ” 6/10

I enjoyed my meal at Amarin Thai, this is a real hidden gem in the heart of subiaco. While the omelette was a slight miss the other dishes were really tasty and I recommend that everyone should try out Amarin Thai at least once!

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