SONY DSCWhen A and I were planning our getaway to Busselton there was one place that I knew I would have to go to. Many years ago i went to Bunbury for a holiday, after having a few beers down the road I stumbled upon a kebab place. I still think about how amazing those kebabs were that day. When the trip with A was being planned in my head one of the first things I said to her was “you know those kebabs that I keep talking about, we definitely have to stop in for one”. Then in the back of head I had this doubt in my mind, I was wondering if the kebabs would be good or if my initial love was assisted by alcohol?

SONY DSCAs we walked down Victoria St and first saw orfa kebabs I glanced over at A and i saw the look in her eyes. A look that said “Oh Simon, what have you got me in for?”, we then walk in and are greeted by the smell of sizzling garlic and kebab meat. The decor of the restaurant hasn’t changed in years, it has kind of a faux Athens vibe with a glass counter that dominates the restaurant. Then in the corner are a couple of arcade games which I imagine would be used by the patrons from the pub across the road.

SONY DSCLooking over the menu I decided to go for a lamb kebab with extra salad (although they seemed to ignore my order for extra salad). I always go for lamb kebab when its available as I find that I enjoy the very characteristic lamb flavour. I am happy to report that the kebab was as good as I remember with slightly oily warm bread that went really well with the crispy lamb meat, it seems to be even better than I remember. 10/10

SONY DSCA went for the falafel kebab and her thoughts were “I thought it was really tasty but I felt slightly guilty afterwards as it was a little oily “

I really enjoyed my kebab at orfa kebabs. I really enjoy places that stick to a few things that they do well and orfa kebabs definitely does that. A little tip: After you have finished your kebab get some of their fantastic turkish bread to takeaway for later.

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