There is a particular tradition that A and I have started doing recently and that is going to the beach for at least one day every morning. It is a really great way to wake you up and give you enough energy for the rest of the day. The other day A mentioned to me a fantastic idea where we could go to Cottesloe beach for a swim and then maybe have some breakfast after that. I thought that this was a fantastic idea! So fast forward to Saturday and we have had our fantastic swim and we are looking for somewhere to go, We walk along Marine Parade and we are greeted with a nondescript corner cafe with only a small sign at the top of the building with the words ‘il lido’. We decide to give it a try.

SONY DSC SONY DSCAs I entered the restaurant I noticed that while there isn’t a huge amount of signage there must be a lot of word of mouth going on as this restaurant is packed! Luckily as we arrive someone had just left so we can jump in and grab their table without waiting for too long. As I look around at the decor I feel that this is very much a beach cafe with long bench tables and posters on the wall of upcoming concerts. After perusing the menu our waitress comes over and places our orders, we didn’t get off to a great start as the waitress that served us wasn’t friendly at all towards us and it felt like a hassle for her to take our orders.

While we were waiting for our orders to arrive we received a jug of icy cold water. I really liked the old style enamel jugs that were used throughout the restaurant.

SONY DSC SONY DSCIt wasn’t that long a wait before our drinks arrived. I had ordered a iced chocolate which I thought was refreshing but I probably wouldn’t order it again. It was fairly rich and I prefer having a juice first thing in the morning. A had gone for an iced coffee and her thoughts were “It was enjoyable and as it was quite a warm day I was happy that I went for that rather and a hot coffee.”

SONY DSCAfter a short time having some wonderful conversation with A our breakfasts arrived. A went for a breakfast of avocado, quinoa, ricotta and rye bread. Her thoughts on this were “I would have liked more Quinoa and I felt that it definitely needed salt and pepper however these are just small niggles in what was otherwise a really enjoyable meal.”

SONY DSCI decided to go fairly classic with my breakfast choice and ordered the bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. To summarize I thought that my breakfast was fantastic! I loved that the eggs were cooked to perfection, far too often i find that scrambled eggs turn into overcooked clumps but these were really oozy and tasty. I also found that there was a decent serve of bacon and it was cooked so it still maintained a little chewiness and it wasn’t burnt and crispy. This was really tasty! 9/10

As I was paying for our breakfast I happened to glance at the lunch and dinner menu for il lido and there are a few things that look really tasty on that menu too. Also if anyone who is reading this is single I think that this restaurant would be a fantastic date restaurant to go to.

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