SONY DSCA has been talking about going to Sayers coffee for a little while. When she mentioned to me that she wanted to go I decided to do a little bit of research and it seems like Sayers is a little bit of institution with many of my favourite bloggers loving this particular restaurant. I took a few hours off on a Friday and we tried out the breakfast offerings here.

SONY DSCWhen i arrived at 9:15 I was surprised at how busy this place was on a weeknight! The restaurant is set up in a small shop that snakes through to a wonderful outdoor area. There are around 20 tables in Sayers and on this particular morning there were only two or three free tables, it turns out that sayers is a pretty popular place. I found a free table and sat down and waited for A to arrive.


While I was waiting for A to arrive it gave me a moment to sit down and take in my surroundings. There are a lot of great small details that go into sayers. From details like the textured wallpaper that dominates one wall to the flowers that are on each individual table you could tell that there was some definite thought that went behind the design of the cafe.

SONY DSCOnce A arrived we looked through the menu and placed our orders. The first thing to arrive was our drink and this was a masala milk chai for two. I really enjoyed this, I felt that the tasty spices were well infused with the milk. This tea did a fantastic job of getting my appetite warmed up for the upcoming meal. Much like i mentioned in the previous paragraph where I said that they do things a little different at sayers, the tea was served in this really interesting patterned pot.

SONY DSCA’s breakfast option arrived first and she had ordered a sweet corn and pecorino croquette. The croquette was topped with a poached egg and Bearnaise sauce. A’s thoughts on this were “Everything about this was perfect! The croquette was crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside. The salsa had plenty of flavour and the eggs were perfectly cooked. I absolutely loved this!”

SONY DSCI went for the breakfast bruschetta. This was a baguette that had been topped with fresh tomato, spinach, proscuitto and a fried egg. I really enjoyed this, I thought that the proscuitto may have been cooked prior to serving, but I am glad that it wasn’t cooked which caused it to be wonderfully soft. This mixed with the fresh crispy spinach and tomato really well. When I first had a look at this breakfast I knew that the egg was cooked perfectly, the egg yolk did a fantastic job of creating the sauce for the rest of the dish.. This really did a great job of giving me enough energy for the rest of the day. 8/10

It turns out that the fascination of sayers by my fellow food bloggers was justified. I really enjoyed my meal at sayers and next time I am leederville i will be back to try some other dishes on the menu that tempted me.

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